Talking Turkey with a Thief and a Cat, plus Christmas Blow Up Doll: RTT Rebel

I don’t know what it is about Thanksgiving week, but I’m all bouncy and excited about having our first Thanksgiving in our new house. I know, I’m out there sometimes – Princess Nagger gets that from both the hubby and … Continue reading

Turkey Hunt Tangent and The Milkman Cometh: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

One of my all time favorite holiday’s is next week. The one that seems to get forgotten about in the stores between Halloween and Christmas. I know I’m thankful for Thanksgiving! Though we really should be thankful more than just … Continue reading

Fall Decor Wishes and Delays plus Skeletons and a creepy: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

Life is crazy busy around these here parts, I keep trying to think of something interesting or witty to write about, you know, in random form. I keep coming up empty, so I’m just gonna ramble, m’kay? I’m still working … Continue reading

The Wolf Spider and the Bottle of Febreze

I have to get used to the different spiders here in Washington State vs. Pennsylvania – after having been gone from this state for 17 years, you forget those things. I was going to say I have to get ‘reacquainted’, … Continue reading

Summer is Here, House News, DIY Ideas, 20 Year Selfie: RTT Rebel

As of last week, the kids are done with school for the summer, and the hubby is counting down his  days left until his  summer break. Yes, the college educational facility he’s teaching at actually closes for the last half … Continue reading