When I’m Sixty Four i’ll visit the House at Pooh Corner Dancing In The Dark so Don’t You (Forget About Me)!

Hello Monday! Hope everyone stuck in the hotter than the hinges of you-know-what are staying cool! Meanwhile, Monday means music! This week’s Monday’s Music Moves Me theme is to “build a playlist from the 60s – 80 to celebrate someone … Continue reading

Hello, Goodbye singing Eight Days A Week When I’m Sixty Four With A Little Help From My Friends

Last week was such a long work week, even though it was a 4-day week… I still logged a full week’s worth of hours, though, cramming 5 days of work into 4. And here we are, it’s Monday already! I … Continue reading

Today is My Birthday so let’s Rock the Random, Shall We? Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

I am happy to report that the plague has almost completely left our house (knock wood) and today’s my birthday, so we’re going to get the random started with a little song from the Beatles: Normally I do some sort … Continue reading

Taxman The Gambler has Money For Nothing just Bills, Bills, Bills for a Billionaire Baby Girl

I’m happy to report that the stifling summer heat we were experiencing all week long last week was washed away by one solid rainy day, and the weekend proved to be absolutely perfect spring-like weather.  60’s and sunny – now  … Continue reading