Pink Eye, Self Checkout and Creative Thinking: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

So last week I was all set to get back into this blogging thing and get around to all my cool peeps I’ve missed while inundated with the whole move to basement dwelling to move part two, but Murphy and … Continue reading

Frankenstorm, Crazy People, SpongeBob Christmas, Fall Decor FAIL: RTT Rebel

We’ve made it to Tuesday – and if you’re reading this specific paragraph with this specific verbiage, then it means our power is out and I’m offline waiting for  Frankenstorm to pass and the power to come back on again.  … Continue reading

Summer Heat, Christmas in June, Misspelled Fun, and 20 Mules

Tomorrow marks the official start to summer. You know, according to the calendar. Mother Nature has already been doling out the summer heat, though, with this week shaping up to be a scorcher: Even though I’ve lived in PA the … Continue reading

Ghostbusters do the Monster Mash with Werewolves In London on the Highway to Hell and reach the Nightmare On My Street… Happy Halloween!

Hard to believe today’s the last day of October, much less Halloween.  Tonight Princess Nagger and Little Dude will be all decked out in their costumes, seeing how much candy they can collect (and hopefully keep the amount of sugar … Continue reading