A Necessary Accessory: Logitech Harmony Keyboard Exclusively at Best Buy (#sponsored @BestBuyWOLF)

When we bought our new house a couple of months ago, we decided to splurge and get a bigger TV for our living room – but we also opted to ditch our cable service and go with streaming through a … Continue reading

SmartPhone Smart Aleck

Way back in the dark ages (you know, 10 years ago) the hubby and I both had cell phones, but we were on pre-paid (or pay-as-you-go, if you will) plans because we just aren’t phone people.  Occasionally text, sure, but … Continue reading

The Smart Plan

I mentioned in April 2011 that the hubby finally acquiesced and joined ‘modern technology’ by signing us up for a family plan with AT&T and picked up some SmartPhones for us to replace our previous DumbPhones.  We opted to go … Continue reading