Spring Has Sprung in the Great Pacific Northwest!

It’s been really hectic around these parts, what with the kids having spring break last week and the hubby on spring break this week and next. Luckily (for you), my buddy Leslie (aka RoryBore) over at Time Out For Mom … Continue reading

Spring Break; Wino Clutch Coolness; Southern Comfort Blah; Signs of Spring for RTT Rebel Coffee Chat

One week of Spring Break down, two to go! The kids enjoyed their time off last week, yesterday’s return to school was met with a mix of happiness to see their friends, but foot-dragging to return to school, learning, and … Continue reading

Signs of Spring… At Last!

After a crazy whackadoodle winter, spring has finally begun to sprout around these parts.  The apple tree is coming to life with greenery (I’m looking forward to the blooms soon to follow): The fruit cocktail tree is proudly showing buds: … Continue reading

Signs of Spring At Last

We’ve had a freaky winter.  On most days it felt like spring rather than winter, but with all the plant life in hibernation, not having the snow we’re used to this year, made winter extra drab and boring. Now we’re … Continue reading