WW: The View From Up Here

Last week the kids were dismissed early for what’s called “Fair Day”. The Washington State Fair is the largest single attraction held annually here in the state of Washington. It also continually ranks in the top ten largest fairs in the … Continue reading

First (Kiddie) Roller Coaster Ride – Team Nagger or Team Little Dude?

A couple of weeks ago we went to my dad’s company picnic at a cool place called Remlinger Farms, Northeast of Seattle. The kids were extra excited, especially since they heard there was a roller coaster for them to ride … Continue reading

Countdown to Summer, Mount St. Helens 34 years later, Crazy Rides and Spaces, and a Cool Bird: RTT Rebel

I just realized something yesterday. There are only approximately 20 school days left of this school year. I only have 20 daytime days of peace and quiet remaining until the fall. The countdown to summer is on. On the other … Continue reading

Power Play: The One Where Met-Ed Held Our Power Hostage for 27 Hours

The Power Company, also known in these parts as Met-Ed (First Energy), pulled a power play on us last week.  Last Tuesday, as a matter of fact.  Just as I was getting ready to fix Little Dude a hot breakfast … Continue reading