Mount Rushmore vs. Mother Nature

Our road trip, while exhausting, was a lot of fun.  One of the places we did make a point to stop and spend some time at during our travels was Mount Rushmore.  You can’t speed through South Dakota and not … Continue reading

Home from Vacation and Overrun by Weeds, Worthless Hyundai Navigation, Lame Deer and Chief Dull Knife Education

We are home.  Did you miss me?  I want to thank each and every one of you who were generous enough to stop by my blog and leave comments even though I was unable to respond and/or reciprocate since I … Continue reading

Salt Storm, Cool Cat, Pontoon Boat and Crazy Boat with an awesome Co-Pilot

It’s Tuesday already and of course the days have been blurring together since we’re still on vacation – though we’re winding things down and getting ready to hit the road to head homeward bound day after tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I thought … Continue reading

10 Things To Smile About While Traveling in a RTT Rebel and TTUT Kind of Way

I’m doing things a little easier (for me) while still being random on the fly since we’re still traveling this week.  Especially since the lack of sleep is causing my brain to revolt in the creativity mode.  And the frustration … Continue reading

Who Says You Can’t Go Home, Runnin’ Down A Dream in the Passenger Seat because Life Is A Highway and I was Born To Be Wild!

Hello Monday.  Today’s a very special day.  Not only will we be arriving outside of Reno to visit my best friend (whom I haven’t seen in about 10 years or more, but who’s counting? I guarantee it’ll be like we … Continue reading