(CLOSED) Healthy Food for your Feline Friend (Review & Giveaway #NutrishForCats #mc sponsored)

Our pets are not just animals or pets, they’re part of our family. We refer to the dogs and cats as brothers and sister to the kidlets, who treat them just like siblings. Because I care about what I feed … Continue reading

McCain Continues to bring Smiles with a Grocery Goodness Giveaway! (#sponsored)

I’ve mentioned before that Princess Nagger is a picky eater.  And by picky eater, I mean she is really  picky about what she eats.  But when it comes to something that’s delicious (and fun) like these: Her picky nature goes … Continue reading

Keep Picky Eaters Healthy with L’il Critters Gummy Vites! (#sponsored)

Princess Nagger has always been a picky eater.  Getting her to eat healthy is a daily challenge.  For example, she used to love  broccoli until she saw a cartoon that mocked, them referred to them as mini trees – after … Continue reading

Talking Turkey (Pot-Pie) with Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies

Growing up, I loved hanging out in the kitchen with my great-grandmother.  She had a stool in her kitchen just for me so I could sit and watch her work her magic, and help, too.  She taught me a lot, … Continue reading

(CLOSED) McCain’s Potatoes Bring Smiles

Princess Nagger is a picky eater, and there are some things I’m picky about, especially if we’re talking about guilty pleasures.  Like french fries.  A friend of mine and I in high school tasked ourselves with discovering which fast food … Continue reading

(CLOSED) Ellio’s Pizza Hits the Spot – Here’s Your Chance to find out for yourself for Free.

Princess Nagger is a picky eater, and in some ways she may have gotten that picky mode from me.  I’m not a fan of frozen pizza, my preference is fresh baked or homemade – or ordering it from a specific … Continue reading