Become a Toxin Freedom Fighter with Seventh Generation (#sponsored #mc)

Chemicals are everywhere,  and I am not a fan.  The Toxic Substances Control Act was passed way back in 1976 to help control and test for toxins, but guess how much progress has been made since then?  Not a whole … Continue reading

Spring has Sprung at OshKosh B’gosh plus a 20% off Coupon! (#sponsored #mc)

So many people in my old neck of the woods out East are wishing desperately for an early spring after all the freezing cold and snow they’ve been dealt with lately.  Here’s hoping temperatures rise to the warmth you are … Continue reading

Let do the work for you – and make your cards #TopOfTheMantel Worthy this year! (#sponsored #mc)

Remember how I ordered a special card for my best friend from a couple of weeks ago?   I went back and ordered my Christmas cards for this year from them, too – especially since I had a great … Continue reading

Arm & Hammer helps Deck the Halls Fresh and Bright (#sponsored #MC #HolidayFresh)

Kids are dirty.  There, I said it.  Little did I know when Princess Nagger was born I’d end up dealing with lots of dirt and grime. She isn’t fazed by dirt, and I’m learning new tricks every day on trying … Continue reading

Maytag Needs Your Help – Cast Your Vote to Choose a Dependable Leader (#sponsored #MC #DependableLeader)

Those who read me regularly already know that I’m a big fan of Maytag.  I’m a Maytag Mom, after all.  But this isn’t about me, this is about giving back.  I love the Maytag appliances, but most of all I … Continue reading

Affordable Holiday Shopping at OshKosh B’Gosh – plus a 25% off Coupon! (#OshKoshBgosh #MC #sponsored)

I’ve always loved OshKosh B’gosh – not just because the name of the store is fun to say (I mean c’mon – say OshKosh B’gosh three times fast and I dare you not to giggle!), but because their clothing lasts … Continue reading

Let Cardstore Alleviate the Pressure this Holiday Season (#TopoftheMantel #MC #sponsored)

I’m a card girl.  I love sending cards for all occasions, and once upon a time was on top of things and sent out Christmas cards to an extended Christmas List of family and friends without fail every year.  Then … Continue reading