Kick The Dust Up in this Ghosttown in a Trans Am with John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16

Holy heatwave! For an area that supposedly always rains, we’ve had an extremely dry and hot month of June. Getting a little worried about the whole fireworks scenario this upcoming weekend, especially if the county doesn’t end up cutting the waist-high … Continue reading

Madonna Still Rocks, M.I.A. Steals the Headlines, and another Stray Cat

Have you sufficiently recovered from all the Super Bowl Mania?  I have, only because I didn’t participate in any mania.  When I lived in Seattle, my brother and I would alternate who would host the Super Bowl Party each year … Continue reading

Pour Some Sugar On Me – but I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do), I’m Like A Virgin, so why don’t you Walk This Way

I’m still playing catch-up after five solid days (and nights) of no internet, cable or phone. It’s such a relief to have all the modern conveniences back, though my ‘to do’ list has become crazy. I might have to just … Continue reading