Teachers Do Make a Difference, Laptop Malfunction, #MaytagMom Update, Furby Wishes and Jennifer Aniston Love

Princess Nagger is actually enthusiastic about school this year – because like I’ve always said, teachers make a difference.  If you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you’ll have figured out by now that Princess Nagger is her … Continue reading

Getting all Judgy about Preschool

A new school year already – today is Day 3.  I know it’s still August – that’s just how they do things here in Small Town America.  Still haven’t figured out the why yet, since it makes more sense to … Continue reading

Spring Ahead, (Cat)Fish, Journal Critique: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Can I just say that I truly hate when the time change makes us ‘Spring Ahead’?  I wish they’d just pick one and keep it that way year round instead of giving us an extra hour in the fall, then … Continue reading