Online Celebrity – I’m Gonna Miss Her… YOLO!

What? It’s Monday already? Again? And we’re already halfway through March? Whoever happens to be manning that fast forward button better knock that crap off. STAT. At least music makes Monday better by leaps and bounds. Especially this week, since … Continue reading

Stop pushing that Fast-Forward Button, yo! Also a boob trifecta and other randomness: RTT Rebel

I’d really like to have a chat with whomever it is that keeps pushing that fast forward button instead of hitting the pause button. Mid-October already? Who’s the wiseguy speeding up time instead of slowing it down? If you step … Continue reading

Internet Switcharoo, No Snow, Great Christmas – Random Tuesday Thoughts

Christmas has passed, but the mess in the living room seems to have increased exponentially.  Princess Nagger’s comment was “At least it’s all Christmas stuff!”  Heh. So yesterday was interesting.  Somehow we got talked into switching back to Comcast from … Continue reading