Connectivity Blues: Verizon Worked Until It Didn’t… and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

We’ve had some wild and crazy weather – heatwave which of course then instigated hours of random thunder and lightning storms last Monday. I love thunderstorms, and they’re a rarity here in the Pacific Northwest, so as long as we … Continue reading

Spring Break; Xfinity Sucks Less than CenturyLink; and Chatting about Chocolate with Coffee Randomly

Hubby’s back to work this week, but the kids are on Spring Break, so the distracted mode continues on. Too bad all  the kids didn’t have the same week off for Spring Break. Two weeks of distracted mode ensures everything doesn’t … Continue reading

I Suck and so does DSL; Light at the end of the Tunnel; LD’s B-Day and ADHD/ODD; Halloween Preps: RTT Rebel

I’m such a sucky hostess.  I come here each week, throw down some drivel, add a linky and then don’t have a chance to come by and visit anyone – or if I do, I’m squinting at my tiny phone … Continue reading

Home from Vacation and Overrun by Weeds, Worthless Hyundai Navigation, Lame Deer and Chief Dull Knife Education

We are home.  Did you miss me?  I want to thank each and every one of you who were generous enough to stop by my blog and leave comments even though I was unable to respond and/or reciprocate since I … Continue reading

10 Things To Smile About While Traveling in a RTT Rebel and TTUT Kind of Way

I’m doing things a little easier (for me) while still being random on the fly since we’re still traveling this week.  Especially since the lack of sleep is causing my brain to revolt in the creativity mode.  And the frustration … Continue reading