Hurricane Sandy 2 years later – @SaveTheChildren asks: Are You Prepared? (#GetReady #PANJ4Good)

Hard to believe that today, October 29th, is the 2-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy’s U.S. landfall. We were inundated with so much wind and rain, we were worried that our 1817 farmhouse wouldn’t make it to its 200th birthday. We … Continue reading

Help Your Kids See Clearly for Back To School with American Optometric Association (#AOA #mc sponsored)

It seems like just yesterday Princess Nagger was flashing her baby blues for her very first Selfie. Well, OK, she didn’t really  take that Selfie, but it sure looks like it, doesn’t it? She was reaching for my camera when I … Continue reading

National Breakfast Week: Share Breakfast for Kids in Need with Taye Diggs and Kellogg’s

Bet you didn’t know this week happens to be National Breakfast Week, did you? Did you know… as many as 1 in 5 children go without breakfast on a daily basis?  How crazy is that?  You know the saying “Breakfast … Continue reading