Dental Angst, Cool Mother’s Day – and a Birthday Coffee Chat with RTT Rebel

The weeks have been going by in a blur – I’m behind on blog hopping, but hopefully this week will enable some catch-up mode. As opposed to Catsup – or Ketchup, however you prefer to spell that. The hubby’s been … Continue reading

The Smart Plan

I mentioned in April 2011 that the hubby finally acquiesced and joined ‘modern technology’ by signing us up for a family plan with AT&T and picked up some SmartPhones for us to replace our previous DumbPhones.  We opted to go … Continue reading

A Sculptor in the Making

A few months ago, Princess Nagger negotiated for the purchase of a PC game called Spore: Since it’s really hard to explain exactly what the game entails, I got this from Wikepedia: “Spore allows the player to develop a species … Continue reading