Thanksgiving Changes; Fridge Delays; Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Boy, it was sure nice having four days in a row where I didn’t have to set an alarm to wake up – the extra sleep was sure welcome, and needed! Of course, back … Continue reading

Thankful for Thanksgiving Week; Fridge Fun; Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

OK, who pressed the fast-forward button and sped us up to Thanksgiving week? That was fast! I absolutely love this time of year, so I’m OK with whomever pressed the fast-forward button. 😉 Of course I’m still up to my … Continue reading

Work Overload Continues; Final Teen Birthday for oldest kid; Random Funnies – Random Tuesday Thoughts

You’ll be happy to know I logged a few less hours last week than the week prior – you know, 9-1/2 hours less… so still way more than ‘normal’, considering I’m only supposed to technically be working part time vs. … Continue reading

Back to Standard Time and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Remember how I mentioned last week that the first two days of the month were already a long month? Well, by the end of the week, I logged 58.25 hours of work, for just the first 5 days of the … Continue reading

Little Dude Turns 14 with Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

We have arrived at November! How is that even possible? The weeks feel like they drag on forever – in fact, I mentioned to someone at the end of the day yesterday (Monday – today/Monday if you’re reading this before … Continue reading

Last Tuesday of October with Cyclone Storm in the PNW and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Final Tuesday of October – I’m writing this on Sunday because we’re expecting a big storm to roll through here later today, with a high wind warning through Tuesday morning. Fingers crossed we maintain power. So this storm coming our … Continue reading

Halfway through October with Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

How are we already halfway through October? Only 67 days until Christmas – I better start contemplating what to get everyone this year! Both kids birthdays are also coming up in just a matter of weeks, with shipping snafus and … Continue reading