Little Girl Don’t Grow Up Too Fast Somewhere On A Beach because there’s a Hole In A Bottle with Scars

This is the Monday all the football fans wish wasn’t a work day. Since I’m getting this post ready to go long before the kickoff, I have no idea who won – though since my Seahawks aren’t contenders this year, … Continue reading

Seahawks are Super Bowl Bound AGAIN! Plus Matrix Style Learning with Coffee Chat and RTT Rebel

I know many of you are not football fans, but I gotta give kudos to the Seahawks for a nail-biting amazing game on Sunday. When we got to the fourth quarter, I thought for sure we were done. As in … Continue reading

(CLOSED) Del Monte Southwestern Tomato Kick-Off Giveaway with $25 Visa Gift Card

Super Bowl is coming up – even though we’re not big football fans around here, there are a few teams we keep our eyes on (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’).  I was hoping my Seahawks would pull a magic … Continue reading