Tough Kitty’s Precarious Perch (Wordless/Wordful Wednesday)

Hey looky!  I’m actually able to gaze upon my computer screen without squinting in pain and watery eyes!  That’s a victory in and of itself – the pink eye is finally taking a hike.   So I had plans of … Continue reading

There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel, and it’s Not a Train! But it is time for another break: RTT Rebel

It looks like interest in randomizing has waned significantly, and I blame myself for the lack of participation since I’ve barely been phoning it in since August, what with our ginormous move across country and all.  Y’all have been mighty … Continue reading

Turkey Kitty

When we were living in Pennsylvania, it seemed the stray cats knew we were suckers for their hard luck stories and would somehow end up on our back porch or in our barn, and definitely in our hearts.  Moving all … Continue reading

Link and Zelda in Feline Form

Every so often I’ll actually be able to snag a decent picture of our cats – you know, when they’re not running away from the paparazzi or hiding out in some convenient cubbyhole taking one of many catnaps.  The other … Continue reading