You can finally Cut the Cords and #GetMotivated with Yurbuds @BestBuyWOLF (#sponsored)

It’s a new year – many have resolutions for getting back into shape, including me.  I’ve been negligent on any workout routine, pretty much avoiding it like a plague, but this year is my year to finally get over myself … Continue reading

Best Buy Specialty Mobile has ex-ZACT-ly What you Need! (#sponsored)

Being basement dwellers while our house sells in PA so we can buy one here has been somewhat of a challenge.  One of those ‘challenges’ has been phone service – our original cell phones wouldn’t pick up a signal to … Continue reading

Get Your Shine On as you Get Healthy with Best Buy! (#sponsored)

This is my newest obsession: This is a Misfit Shine – which is a small, attractive all-metal fitness tracker that is easy to live with and effortlessly does what it needs to do.  It’s about the size of a quarter, … Continue reading

Stylin’ with Modnique – Affordable Fashion for Everyone! (#sponsored)

I love shopping online.  It’s so convenient to be able to peruse the interwebs and find cool and unique items for gifts from the comfort of your own home.  Or even as a basement dweller, considering the status I’m currently … Continue reading