Daylight Saving Time Angst; Pi Day and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Well hello Tuesday – you’re here already? I don’t know about you, but Daylight Saving Time always kicks me in the butt when we lose that hour. It does, however, enable some funny memes:  I’m one of those that would … Continue reading

the Last Song covers a Thousand Miles that is A Symptom Of Being Human when Cinderella Snapped!

And just like that, an hour of our time has been whisked away. I know I’m probably a broken record, but I wholeheartedly despise Daylight Saving Time and having that hour stolen. I really really hope that those that are … Continue reading

Daylight Saving Time is Coming with Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

March has arrived, and while we (hopefully) won’t be getting (much) snow this week, it sure has been cold and windy! The dogs don’t seem to like it when the wind blows so much when they’re outside doing their duty. … Continue reading

on the West Coast no Broken Halos or Bones…that might be Strange!

Not my favorite time of year – Daylight Saving Time. I really hate losing that hour every not-quite-spring (since those that are they moved it earlier some years back), it takes me a long time to acclimate to one hour … Continue reading

Back to Standard Time and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Remember how I mentioned last week that the first two days of the month were already a long month? Well, by the end of the week, I logged 58.25 hours of work, for just the first 5 days of the … Continue reading

Daylight Saving Time and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hello Tuesday! It is Tuesday, isn’t it? This is one of those Tuesdays that feels like it should be Thursday already. Add to that the hour we lost over the weekend – anyone else not a fan of Daylight Saving … Continue reading

Daylight Saving Time, Full Moon, Friday the 13th – so just Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Well, Murphy and his Law struck again! I was hanging out with Princess Nagger, keeping an eye on the clock to make sure I got back to my PC to write my post and have it go live by 8pm … Continue reading