The Earl of Sandwich was a Genius 250 Years Ago – National Bread Month is Now

Did you know that the month of November is National Bread Month?  I knew there was a reason why November is one of my favorite months.  You know, besides the birth of Princess Nagger and one of my favorite holidays, … Continue reading

A Sculptor in the Making

A few months ago, Princess Nagger negotiated for the purchase of a PC game called Spore: Since it’s really hard to explain exactly what the game entails, I got this from Wikepedia: “Spore allows the player to develop a species … Continue reading

Princess Nagger Gets Even More Creative… Fair Warning

While perusing the internet Princess Nagger saw this picture: And thought that was the coolest scythe ever.  So much so, she immediately set to work creating her own out of cardboard, paper, a couple of pencils, and lots and lots … Continue reading

All Mixed Up

Princess Nagger’s art teacher tasked the class with creating their own unique ‘mixed up’ animal.  This is what Princess Nagger created: Name (of species):  Creaplet (changed later – like yesterday – to Creaper) Eats:  Other Animals Size:  25 inches, 45-50 … Continue reading