Chicago Fire’s Fake Plane Crash, Christmas Shopping, Lego Minecraft Shortage, Pony Fun, Unconventional Cards – RTT Rebel

Tuesday has arrived.  It seems like just yesterday was Monday.  Oh wait, it was.  One week ago today I was jetting off to Chicago for the Real Whirled House – it was so much fun and touring Whirlpool was beyond … Continue reading

Rescheduled Birthday with Chuck, Dinosaur Dilemma, Christmas Shopping Conundrum

We’re on the home stretch to Christmas – only 5 days left.  I’m in my last minute frantic mode (aren’t we all?) so I’m going to make this a quickie today.  And I apologize for my lack of hostessing attention, … Continue reading

Dino Nest, Giant Angry Bird, New Driveway, Geeky Gifts and Foggy Brain Take 2

Here we are mere days from Thanksgiving.  Princess Nagger is not only looking forward to the turkey, but the fact that after today, she’ll have six days in a row off from school.  I’m looking forward to having six days … Continue reading