Somebody Like You Unaware of the Girl Crush so Rise Up but Dream On because You Give Love A Bad Name

I thought maybe Monday wouldn’t sneak up so fast being that it’s a new year and all. I thought wrong. I also thought things would settle down after the holidays. I thought wrong again. I have some catching up to do! … Continue reading

Never Gonna Wake You Up with Limes or Shattered Glass on this Little Red Wagon with a Tattoo

Last full week of freedom for the kids…er, um, I mean summer break! Little Dude is super excited about starting first grade next week, Princess Nagger is less excited about starting 6th grade. I’m pretty sure that in her tween … Continue reading

Annoying Orange, Annoying Neighbors, Skylanders Craze: RTT Rebel

Did you hear?  The Annoying Orange is coming to Cartoon Network. Princess Nagger has been obsessed with searching to see when it comes on. So far nothing – though when I Googled it the other day, the date is vague … Continue reading