Friday Fragment Happy Hour VGNO – Frantic Christmas Shopping, Evasive Chicken Salad, Feverish Loose Teeth and $7 Salad

It’s Friday already – and you know the drill, it’s the day I conglomerate my Fragmented thoughts randomly into one post.  Mrs. 4444’s  is the leader of the pack, yada yada yada – there’s quite a bit to conglomerate, so … Continue reading

Friday Fragments VGNO – Ghosts, Bedtime, Homework and Thanksgiving Feast Part 5: Pumpkin Cognac Crème Brûlée

I’m late, I’m late – for a very important date!  With Mrs. 4444’s and the gang for Friday Fragments.  Usually I have my post all written and scheduled to post at 12:01am, but this time I’m writing them before the … Continue reading