Friday Fragments VGNO – Ghosts, Bedtime, Homework and Thanksgiving Feast Part 5: Pumpkin Cognac Crème Brûlée

I’m late, I’m late – for a very important date!  With Mrs. 4444’s and the gang for Friday Fragments.  Usually I have my post all written and scheduled to post at 12:01am, but this time I’m writing them before the … Continue reading

Spinning up Halloween Past…and Thanksgiving Feast Part 4 – Cranberry Sauce with Ruby Port and Cinnamon

This week’s Spin Cycle is Halloween!  I’m taking trip down memory lane with Princess Nagger’s Halloween moments…won’t you join me? First Halloween: Second Halloween: Third Halloween: Yes, I did indeed use the exact same costume 3 years in a row…I … Continue reading

Wordlesss/Wordful Wednesday – Pretty Pilgrim and Thanksgiving Feast Part 3 – Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes

I’m recycling this picture from last year for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday since this week I’m posting a series of recipes I make for Thanksgiving each year and thought this would fit in perfectly. Princess Nagger made this Pilgrim hat and collar … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Feast Part 2 – Slow Cooker Apple Stuffing/Dressing…Random Tuesday Style

I say Po-tay-to, you say Po-tah-to… Is it Dressing, or is it Stuffing?  Usually it’s called ‘dressing’ if it’s served outside the bird, you know, not stuffed.  Which makes stuffing stuffed.  I still call my ‘dressing’ stuffing because more people … Continue reading