The Rack of Pork Experiment #CostcoPork
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The Rack of Pork Experiment #CostcoPork

Did you know that the month of October is National Pork Month?  I didn’t.  Learn something new every day!  The National Pork Board is celebrating National Pork Month with Costco, giving members special savings on different pork cuts each week.  This week’s special is Rack of Pork – I personally have never prepared a Rack…

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The Scarecrows are Finally Sleeping!

I finally took down my scarecrows today – so they are no longer eyeballing me, they’re sleeping comfortably in the shed until next year. But of course Mother Nature decided to dampen my resolve to get my Christmas decorations up by throwing raindrops at me. Thanks. So at least the scarecrows are not intimidating me…