Come Little Children Turn The Lights Off because This Is Halloween you’ll be Creepin’ so Better Dig Two!

The final week of October! Which means the end of the year is fast approaching. I really need to learn the art of not blinking, because every time I blink, time zooms on by.  Saturday is Halloween – I better … Continue reading

Halloween Costume Fun

Gone are the years of ‘easy’ Halloween costumes. Well, at least for half of the kids, that is. Specifically Princess Nagger. Way back when she was a baby, I bought a cute fuzzy ladybug costume that served her well for … Continue reading

Halloween – Then and Now

Then… Growing up, we lived in the perfect neighborhood to Trick-or-Treat in.  An idyllic neighborhood full of young families and scads of kids, during a time when neighbors were actually neighborly.  Us kids would get all excited about dressing up … Continue reading

Spinning up some Halloween Fun for Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

Halloween was quite the adventure this year.  Since we live out in the boondocks on a long stretch of a fairly busy road, no one does trick’or’treat along our road – it’s not safe.  We discovered a few years ago … Continue reading