Awesome B-Day, Table Top Tree, the Power of Twitter, and a New Catch Phrase

I had an awesome birthday – the prime rib at LongHorn Steakhouse was perfect this time (they redeemed themselves from our unfortunate visit on Princess Nagger’s birthday).  Princess Nagger even ordered Prime Rib – her first one – and she … Continue reading

Real or Fake – Aloha Friday Follow Fun

My laptop finally did bite the dust on Tuesday – so I’ve been going through some major withdrawals from the internet these past few days. My new laptop finally showed up and I love it!  I got such a great … Continue reading

Favorite Christmas Tree Decorations – How Do You Decorate?

Last week RxBambi posted about her favorite Christmas Tree ornaments.  I thought it was a great idea, so I’m following suit.  For years my tree has always been eclectic – ornaments my mom gave me when I moved into my … Continue reading