Hello, my favorite Tuesday peeps! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! The hubby described perfectly how living in our tiny town is on the 4th—it’s an “immersive experience.” All we had to do was sit on our deck and watch the fireworks going off all over the place. The barrage of booms was so loud that I had to put earplugs in. Isn’t that crazy? The booming went on well past midnight. Someone said they were still going at 3 am – thankfully, I was asleep by then. 😉

Apparently, there was an issue with drones in the city of SeaTac (south Seattle—we used to hang out at Angle Lake all the time). They banned fireworks and decided to have a brand-new Fourth of July experience: a drone light show at Angle Lake. It turned into a disaster for which the city had paid $40,000, and 55 of 200 drones, each valued at $2,600, dropped into the lake.

That stream of lower ones were falling into the lake. They aren’t sure what happened—they said that it was interference of some sort, maybe a cell tower that was off-frequency or somebody with a drone jamming gun. The drones that dropped into the drink had a sudden loss of GPS, hence the sudden last-minute nighttime swim. Crazy, no?

I didn’t end up taking Friday off, though, since I had a lot of work I needed to get done – but I did set a ‘late’ alarm instead of the ‘normal’ one, so I did get to sleep in an extra hour or so. Every little bit counts! The weather has been crazy all over, hasn’t it? I’ve been keeping an eye on my friends in Texas. They’re sure not having fun!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re having an unusual heatwave that’s been so annoying – especially without air conditioning in our house. Well, we are smart enough to have window units in our bedroom windows, so at least sleep isn’t elusive at night.

But the rest of the house has been hovering around 84 degrees consistently. Way too hot for my liking. I haven’t had a chance to move my office from the basement to the spare bedroom upstairs – my basement office window doesn’t open, so there’s no putting an air conditioner in there, unfortunately.

That means I have to rely on 1) the fact that the basement is slightly cooler than the upper levels and 2) the clip-on fan on the edge of my desk blowing directly on me while I work. Oh yeah, and putting my hair in a French braid daily, which also helps.

It’s tough taking the dogs outside, though. Sitting on the deck while they did their business, I ended up drenched in sweat—it felt like my face was melting off! This just solidifies that I’m not a fan of summer. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons for sure…heh! Of course, it’ll be here before we know it! 

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This cracked me up:

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This is funny:

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  1. Heeheehee! The heat may not be funny, but you find great stuff to make us laugh and I appreciate it. Have a blessed and beautiful rest of the week!