It’s here! It’s here! My favorite season is finally here! The first day of fall was Saturday – sorry to those of you who prefer the heat of summer, but bring me the crisp cool air of fall any day, and I’m in my happy place.

Meanwhile, it’s Monday, and Monday means music! This week is a freebie week, so grab your favorite tune(s) and come dance with us, won’t you? 

Let’s start with this artist’s heartfelt trip down memory lane to his formative years in Macon, Georgia. He wistfully reflects on the changes that have unfolded since his youth and how he longs for the simplicity of the past.

He laments how big-box stores have replaced his cherished old fishing spots and how asphalt has swallowed up the gravel roads. He’s befuddled by the constant snapping of photos and their instant sharing on social media, a world he can’t quite comprehend. He yearns for the past, acknowledging that those bygone days are forever out of reach.

The song is about more than just nostalgia. The song sums up a mindset that’s been the artist’s mantra since he embarked on his solo career in 2022:

Back when you took a pic and didn’t have to post it

He understands the power of social media, especially as an artist who thrives on connecting with fans. Yet he’s also a firm believer in setting boundaries, and in 2022 he drew a clear line in the sand:

“I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures for posting lately, and it’s been good. Just being present, man. I do turn it off. I don’t have social media on my phone anymore… It’s been a good year of being present and trying not to be too consumed with the social media stuff, even though it’s important. But it’s something that can take over, you know, if you’re not careful.”

Give a listen to Tyler Hubbard with “Back Then Right Now”:

Next up is an American rock band who teamed up with a folk-pop favorite to deliver a captivating new single. This musical collaboration is a breath of fresh air, uniting two distinct styles into a harmonious masterpiece.

The lyrics of this song resonate with themes of aspiration and the pursuit of one’s true passions, making it a motivating anthem for dreamers of all kinds.

Here’s NEEDTOBREATHE featuring Judah & the Lion “Dreams”:

Next up, this favorite group recently released a song that expresses the desire to improve oneself for the sake of a significant other. The lyrics convey a sense of remorse and a willingness to change for the better, acknowledging the mistakes they’ve made and the pain they’ve caused their partner. They recognize that their own pride has hindered their relationship, causing a distance between them.

Later they highlight the patience and grace their partner has shown them throughout the relationship. They feel their soul wrestling with their own flaws and are inspired by their partner’s belief in them, reinforcing the idea that their partner’s love and support have a transformative effect on them.

Give a listen to for KING + COUNTRY with “Better Man”:

Last, but certainly not least, this favorite group just released a breathtaking, “cinematic” music video that brings their newest song to life. The video captured epic views of wild horses running through wide open fields as the bandmates ride motorcycles on a long, winding road.

I race and I run, I keep chasin’ the sun / When I’m done, you see nothin’ but dust / I’m restless and rare with the wind in my hair / Going somewhere that I never was / You were holdin’ me knowin’ I couldn’t be broken / And now you’re just holdin’ the reins / I’ll love you forever, you should have known better / Some horses can never be tamed

This song represents growth throughout their career. They said:

“We’ve been through hotel keys, one man bands, boats for the day, meat, candy, happy endings, therapy and tequila. We’ve put hooks on our hooks, and all kinds of sing- and clap-alongs, and we love the look on your faces when we play all these songs live, but we’re all adults… We know life is sometimes a little more complicated. We didn’t want to get all heavy and serious, but we figured we could keep doing what we do… maybe go a little further into thinking about life. That’s what [this song] represents for us. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

Without further ado, here’s Old Dominion with “Some Horses”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday! See you on the dance floor!

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  1. Stacy,

    Nice set of country songs to start the week off. You introduced two new bands to me with Old Dominion and NEEDTOBREATHE. If I had to pick a favorite song, I might be inclined to go with your last one, “Some Horses”. I didn’t watch the video despite your prelude. I prefer to let the music speak to me instead of the film clip. 🙂 Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

  2. Nope, can’t say I ever heard any of these songs… guess I’m living in the past.. but I loved everyone. haha Maybe I better get updated. Some Horses was really pretty… I really enjoyed that one for sure. You have a great day my friend! HAPPY AUTUMN!!! 🙂

  3. “Better Man” and “Dreams” were my pick for this week. I applaud Tyler Hubbard for setting boundaries on social media; it’s something more of us need to do.

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