Hello Monday! Today being Federal Holiday, I’ve blocked my calendar to take the day off. One of the caveat’s of working from home is unless I’m working (logging hours), I’m not getting paid. By the same token, I tend to end up working on days that everyone else is enjoying staying away from work, so I try to do that when I can, or especially when I need a mental break – like today. 😉

Since it is Monday, you know that Monday means music! This week is a freebie week, so grab your favorite tune(s) and come dance with us, will you?

Let’s start with a soulful ballad that delves into the bittersweet realm of unrequited love. From the depths of longing, the song paints a vivid picture of two people who share a profound connection yet find themselves separated by circumstances beyond their control. Both dream of all the ways they would shower their beloveds with love and attention if given the chance.

This duo’s voices blend harmoniously, amplifying the longing and vulnerability conveyed through the lyrics:

I’d make sure your stars are shining / Sure as the Frio’s winding / I’d bottle you up like lightning / I’d rope the moon for you / A million times / That’s what I’d do / If you were mine

This song is the first released from this country artist since her ninth studio album in April 2022 with Sony Music Nashville, and is the debut release as an independent artist. Of her duo partner, the artist said:

“I have been a big fan of Leon for a while because he is very authentic as an artist and I love his music. I wrote this song with Ashley Monroe and Jesse Frasure specifically with Leon in mind. Since we are both from Texas, we threw in a few Texas references, of course – the Frio River being one.”

“When we finished this song, we sent it to Leon in hopes that he would want to collaborate and we were so glad that he said yes.”

Give a listen to Miranda Lambert featuring Leon Bridges with “If You Were Mine”:

Next up, this artist showcases her storytelling soul in the music video for this song. The black-and-white cinematic video is destined to tug at heartstrings, as she returns to her hometown of Waldron, Arkansas. The artist delivers the enlightening introduction from inside her childhood bedroom, with teddy bears lining the windowsill and heart-shaped hangers bolted to the walls.

As she sings, old home movies are displayed on a projector screen. The music video also captures a mother-daughter relationship meant to represent the artist and her go-to person, Martha. The song is inspired by the advice she received from her mother, Martha, as a child.

In her family household, the kitchen was considered a safe space for late-night heart-to-hearts and where the singer was instilled with wisdom.

Honey, trust yourself | You better love yourself | ‘Cause ’til you do, you ain’t no good | For anybody else | And, honey, boys are dumb, sings McBryde. But you gonna find your one | Love him hard and bless your heart | You’ll need someone to listen | That’s why I leave a light on in the kitchen. 

The artist said:

“While writing this, we were all able to look back and remember the women in our lives who comforted us, gave us advice and made sure we knew we had a place to go. Writing this song showed me how necessary that simple comfort had been.”

Get ready for some goosebumps, here’s Ashley McBryde with “Light On In The Kitchen”:

Next up, life’s epiphanies don’t always happen when you want them to. When they come, however, it’s important to listen, or in this Nashville-based duo’s case – act. Their new album is a call to action following a long period of self-reflection and personal growth. The brothers recognize a deep shame among humanity and want listeners to embrace imperfection to better meet people where they are.

The band’s fourth studio album, released on March 11, is a result of prolonged quiet and isolation during the pandemic. The brothers both underwent a personal growth journey and emerged with a strong message to unify their listeners toward healing.

“This tragedy of the pandemic is a perfect example: it wasn’t just New York City or a few countries. It was the whole world! We can use this moment to build a little more resolve. The arts, in general, have a tremendous ability to transcend.

When you go through the unimaginable, perhaps unexpected, challenges, the suffering produces bravery. Bravery turns to courage, then hope, which I thought was fascinating.”

Give a listen to FOR KING + COUNTRY with “What Are We Waiting For?”:

Last, but certainly not least, this new song from this group examines the “beauty and fragility of life”. The band – comprised of two brothers – will return with its sixth album on September 15th. This song is the second track to be taken from the record. They said:

“As an artist, I hope to create music that connects deeply with people and our upcoming album, It’s The End Of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day, is a testament to that pursuit. “‘[This song]’ is a song that examines the beauty and fragility of life, reminding us to embrace its fleeting moments and find solace in its unpredictable journey.

I hope this song ignites some kind of a spark in the listener, reminding them that amidst the chaos and challenges of the world, there is always a glimmer of hope and beauty to be found.”

Without further ado, here’s Thirty Seconds To Mars with “Life Is Beautiful”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday! See you on the dance floor!

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  1. Hey Girlfriend, How’s things goin’? I just got back from Wisconsin Dells. My cousin got married and it was totally beautiful. The bride looked like an angel and my cousin was his dapper self. I can’t wait to see these pictures that’s for sure. Had a great time went with my son & daughter. Tons of fun. Anyway your surely bringing it home once again. Great tunes as usual. Many I haven’t heard before. Thanks for keeping me updated. Have a great week. hugs

  2. I liked all of these, oddly in the order you listed them in. Country and R&B singers sound really good together, which is why I like the first one with Miranda Lambert and Leon Bridges, and I like Ashley McBryde’s voice a lot. I liked the video that went with the For King And Country song, and while I wasn’t all that excited by the last song, it wasn’t bad. Good list this week!

  3. Ashley McBryde’s song and video were my favorite of the set. I loved how she incorporated her mother’s advice – mothers know best, don’t they? I really wonder about the psychological damage the pandemic has left on much of humanity, and what, if anything, we can learn about that from past pandemics. I suppose our music will express those kinds of themes for some years to come.

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