Hello Monday – can you believe we’re not even two full weeks until Christmas? Holy moly, people! I really need to double down on getting things organized and wrapped. I seem to fall behind the eight ball more and more every year – I have a plan for better organization next year, but this year I’m just going to plow through to get things done. Are you all ready?

Since it is Monday, you know that Monday means music! For the month of December, our Spotlight Dancer is of course Santa, from the North Pole! This entire month we’ll be dancing around the Christmas tree to whatever holiday music moves you. Have a holly jolly Christmas season! Let’s get this festive Christmas season underway, shall we?

Since today is my favorite brother’s birthday (sure, he’s my only brother, but we’ll let him have the favorite title, m’kay?) let’s start with a song that’s become a each year to dedicate to my brother for his birthday. Happy Birthday, Mikey – here’s a  for ya! You know I love ya!

Here’s The Song Trust with “Box Of Rocks”:

Next up, this artist has come up with fresh versions of favorite old holiday classics by focusing on her “secret weapon” — her violin. She was quoted as saying:

“I always think to myself, ‘Why would someone want to listen to my version?’ There’s so many versions that have been done of all these different songs, and especially if you’re not having that vocal, like, why would someone want to listen to a violin version?’”

“So then I get to think of creative ways [to do them]: ‘Well, the violin is great at this style, a voice can’t do that.’ It’s really fun to think of it as my secret weapon!”

She thinks of things that a violin can do, which allows her to create things that “maybe no one else really can.” She says that focusing on the powers of her violin allowed her to create some truly unique takes on those classics.

“It took the songs in such different directions, like ‘Joy to the World,’ I took it in a Celtic direction because I was able to do all these Celtic riffs and make the song super unique. And all of them are done in ways that you’ve never heard them done before. So whether it’s everybody’s cup of tea or not, who knows? But at least I enjoy them. They made them really fun for me to arrange and write, and if anything, it’s at least different. There’s a reason to listen.”

Here’s the inimitable Lindsey Stirling with “Snow Waltz”:

Next up, in a song this duo released last month, they prove that they know how to throw the perfect holiday party, even when they’re working on a time crunch. They jump into action when they receive a call from their wives asking whether the party is almost ready as they drive through snowy weather ( of course it isn’t).

That’s when the two prep for the holiday party, keeping tabs on weather updates as it continues to snow. They decorate the house with lights, stockings, gingerbread houses and other must-haves for a festive gathering, just in the nick of time.

I need them to come decorate my house. 😉

Get ready to party, here’s Dan + Shay with “Holiday Party”:

Next up, I shared this Grammy award winning Christian pop duo’s version of this song a couple of years ago when they performed this song during that year’s CMA Country Christmas. There was a brief moment at the end of their powerful performance in which time stood still… and all they could hear was complete and utter silence.

It was down right nerve-racking. They were quoted as saying:

“I remember thinking for a split second that we either were going to get booed off the stage or the audience was going to love it. Luckily, for us, it was the latter.”

Indeed, after a few seconds in which the sheer shock of the electrifying performance subsided, the audience erupted with praise for the two brothers who had just went and introduced an audience of mostly country music fans to their brand of unsurpassed electricity.

And yes, it was this overwhelming response that, in part, inspired the duo to release their first Christmas album within the tumultuous year that was 2020.

“I thank God for Christmas. We need these checkpoints for humanity. Even this year, we need to celebrate love and family and God and the belief that all things  together for good in the end. At least, that is the great hope.”

“When the rubbish started hitting the fan, with the Nashville tornado and the pandemic and the racial tensions going on, I think we started realizing that we needed to create this album. We truly believe that the Christmas of 2020 will be a Christmas like we have never experienced in our lifetime. This album allows us to offer hope and celebrate what we believe is the greatest music mankind has ever known.”

Fun fact: The cute little drummer boy in the video is one of the brothers 5-year old son.

Here’s the amazing  with “Little Drummer Boy”:

That’s a wrap for this week – see you on the dance floor!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:   Photobucket

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Santa from The North Pole


  1. The bunch of rocks song is funny. I enjoyed the violinist who is very unique. The song bybthe 2 Brothers was good and the video was funny. The last song was well done and I’m glad they were not booed off stage.

  2. Between the Box of Rocks song and Dan and Shay’s spectacular decorating skills (yes, I want them, too!) this was one rockin’ playlist.

  3. Stacy,

    What fun! I love the “Box of Rocks” song!! LOL Oh yeah, belated birthday wishes to your brother. Are y’all twins? You also had a bday this month. I’m playing catch up. Have a great Christmas ole pal!

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