Monday has arrived, even though it’s fall, we’re still hanging on to summer with temps in the 80s the last few days and the next few – I know, right? Totally not a normal year of weather here in the Pacific Northwest – we did finally have one day of rain last week, the first measurable rain since the end of May. And no rain in the foreseeable forecast. Weird year!

Meanwhile since it is Monday, you know that Monday means music! For the month of October, our Spotlight Dancer is not one person but those who offered a theme suggestion. The theme selected for this week from our fabulous MMMM friend and participant, Sandee from Comedy-Plus is: “October is the month of “Bounty”. Other similar words plentiful, blessings, harvest… don’t limit yourself look for ways to expand the prompt other than song titles, use lyrics, album names, or artist/band names.” Let’s get this bounty party started!

Let’s start with a song I stumbled across searching for theme fits – this song is apparently the classic primary school harvest song in the UK – couldn’t resist sharing it with y’all.

Get ready for some silliness, here’s “Harvest Samba”:

Next up is a song that one of the duo started writing back in 2016. He invited his songwriter friends and their wives over for an informal writing vacation on St. John Island in the US Virgin Islands. They got the chorus going during that initial session and sent their demo to the artist’s bandmate, who was in vacation in Africa. He said:

“We were both in, like, life-changing places, probably doing a little bit of soul-searching, also doing a lot of looking back. We sent it to Tyler and were like, ‘Yeah, when we get back, we gotta finish this.'”

This song of gratitude is the most biographical song on the album, its message is one of always having a thankful attitude and counting your blessings.

“Even when you wake up, no matter what happens, no matter how bad it is, you still got to wake up, and that’s a big deal. And so, we’re super thankful for all the blessings: Our families. The fact that we get to create for a living, touch a bunch of people’s lives and provide jobs. We just feel extremely fulfilled, so it’s just a good reminder to always count your blessings, and never forget [how lucky you are], no matter what happens.”

Give a listen to Florida Georgia Line with “Blessings”:

Next up is a rainy song (which always helps a bountiful harvest – see what I did there?) by an artist who was born and raised in Leesburg, Georgia. At age fourteen, his parents bought him his first guitar, and after learning to play it, he joined various local bands and began to play in local clubs.

He had planned to move to Nashville for the music industry, but his older brother died in a car accident the night before he moved, so he decided to attend a college closer to home because he felt as though his family was more important than going to Music City. 

He kept on with his music career, though, by playing with local bands. In 2001, his father convinced him to move to Nashville and pursue a musical career.  He decided to become a country singer while he was at college. I, for one, am so glad he did.

Get ready to dance, here’s Luke Bryan with “Rain Is A Good Thing”:

Last, but certainly not least, we’re double-dipping with this artist because, well, we can. This song wraps up the theme nicely with the Country star celebrating the Georgia farming community that he grew up in.

“I played ‘Harvest Time’ for some farmer buddies of mine back home, and, man, a big ol’ tear welled up in their eyes.”

Get ready to dance (again), here’s Luke Bryan with “Harvest Time”:

That’s a wrap for this week – see you on the dance floor!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:   Photobucket

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This week’s theme suggest is from Sandee from Comedy-Plus



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  1. Hey Stacy,

    First up I’m sorry that I forget to send the linky code out to you and Alana this week. I need to apologize to her, too. *roll eyes* It just totally escaped my mind. And for that matter, I should’ve sent it to Sandee. *double eye roll* My brain is so not plugged in. *sigh* I will do better this week…I hope. Anyway, the Harvest Samba is a cute song. I enjoyed the lyrics more than the actual melody. Florida Georgia Line “Blessings” is a nice pick. Luke Bryan “Rain Is A Good Thing” is a fun song an I enjoyed listening to “Harvest Time”. Excellent song picks. Sending hugs and love your way, my friend!

  2. I found this theme harder than I thought it would be, but you came up with some creative ideas (like the rain song). I enjoyed all the songs, but especially the two Luke Bryan selections.

  3. Luke Bryan would know that we’ve had lots of drought here. After our first couple of summers here, I decided rain is a very good thing, and I’d rather have too much than not enough. Good picks!

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