First Monday of fall – my favorite season. Of course Mother Nature has to get in a few more days of extra heat as September comes to a close. Meanwhile, since it’s Monday you know that Monday means music! This week is a freebie week, so grab your favorite tune(s) and come dance with us, will you?

Let’s start with a new song from this artist, who didn’t initially plan to include a collaboration on the album, but the song creatively demanded it. She said:

“I was kind of dead set on not collaborating on this album, just because I feel like I’ve done a lot of collaborating recently. I love collaborations, but I just wanted to make sure that I could stand on my own two feet.”

But after writing the song with Shane McAnally and Julian Bunetta, the artist couldn’t shake the idea of an all-female trio singing the track. The song is filled with pointed lines such as “the way you’re slurring and the way you stumble / Ain’t no way you’re gonna get my number.” She said:

“I felt that there’s some sass and comedy to this song. So I thought, ‘Who are the women in my life that are artists that have both of those things?’ Carly and I have been friends for, like, 10 years, before either of us had anything going on and we’ve just seen each other personally and professionally through so many seasons of life. We’ve always wanted to do a song together and this made sense.”

Once the artist had Carly Pearce on board for the collaboration, she began thinking of who the right third vocalist would be, or as she described, “someone who can add a different texture, vocally.”

“I thought the biggest ask I could make is Kelly Clarkson, and I texted her that morning. She did her vocals that night.”

The artist was in the studio when Carly laid down her harmony and melody vocals, and they turned the recording session into a girls’ night. At the end of that session, they added a little something extra.

“After she did her lead parts, we did like a … we called it s–t-talk track. Julian hit record and for literally three and a half minutes, through the whole song, we just talked s–t and the whole track’s in there, it’s just really pushed down [in the mix]. There’s some chatter moments you hear at the end and he put some of them a bit hotter in the track, because Kelly also sent in some funny stuff, like the part of the song where she goes, ‘Um, Byeee!’ We just wanted to match that energy, because we had Kelly’s track already and wanted to match that energy and personality. Carly and I are such good friends that it was funny to just be like, ‘All right, let’s go off.’”

Get ready to dance, here’s Kelsea Ballerini featuring Kelly Clarkson and Carly Pearce with “You’re Drunk, Go Home”:

Next up is a song whose title is a play on the country music concept of “three chords and the truth.” The song is a rumination of those heartbroken feelings that are kept at bay during the daytime. However, at night the whisky bottle comes out and the memories and pain come to the surface.

“Lori had that title, and I just love how it tells the story of what we do to numb the pain we’re going through. And the melody makes it feel like an old school country song like the ones we grew up with.”

Here’s Little Big Town with “Three Whiskeys And The Truth”:

Next up, this group (who I loved when they were on America’s Got Talent a few years ago) just released an extremely catchy new track – sometimes it’s good to listen to a song that’s fun filled, and instantly puts you in a good mood. It’s a form of escapism. Instead of listening to music that relate to your problems, why not allow yourself to forget them for awhile, and listen to listen to something more upbeat like this song?

The music video released alongside the single perfectly matches the energy of the track. Of course, pink is the main theme in the video. Pink outfits, pink lighting, pink…everything! The sibling trio are also doing what they do best and entertaining the viewers as much as possible. It has a refreshing uniqueness that’s pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Here’s We Three with “50 Shades of Pink”:

Last, but certainly not least, this artist is commenting on the impermanence of life in her new song. The tune finds the singer highlighting the temporary nature of life and relationships and the importance of holding onto special moments.

She begins the song by telling the story of a mother who drops her son off at school every day. Before she knows it, though, the son turns 16 years old and begins driving himself to school. The artist then launches in the chorus, singing about how “the last time” can come sooner than one may think.

Everyone remembers the first time / ‘Cause the heart knows they’ll never be another like this / But the thing about the last time / Is you don’t know that it’s the last time ’til it is

She continues this theme in the second verse, singing in the first person about missing her grandfather. In the final verse, she relates the message to a relationship, vowing to enjoy every moment with a love interest before “the last time” comes around. She posted on social media:

“Wrote this song thinking about how we put a frame around the memory of a first time … and how sometimes the last time can sneak up on us. Here for all your nostalgic feelings!! Bring ‘em on!”

Grab some tissues, here’s Tenille Townes with “The Last Time”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday! See you on the dance floor!

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  1. Great set. I am amazed that songs can be put together long distance. No one has to clear their schedule to be in the same studio at the same time. Just send the tracks, sing your vocals and send it it back. Wow!!!
    Love the last song. There is some much truth in it.
    Have a blessed day.

  2. I wasn’t familiar with any of the songs. “You’re Drunk, Go Home” was a fun song with a hidden serious message; that was my favorite of the set. I also liked the last song.

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