First day of March! And of course we’re starting the month off with excessive rain – yet another ‘river aloft’ for this week, so that means lots and lots of rain. Since we didn’t have a snow event prior, we should be OK on the mega flooding that transpired in January. fingers crossed

We had our water main (finally) replaced last week – it had sprung a leak about 18 months or so ago, and we had it repaired, but it was time to have it actually replaced, since we noticed the break in the main was right next to a previous repair from the previous owners. The water main was old – no doubt the original when the house was built in 1930, so of course it was galvanized pipe, which is a problem.

So now we have a fresh new water main – I’ll be curious to see if it makes our water less ‘hard’ from the tap, now. At the very minimum we won’t have to worry about a break like the one that flooded the basement. That was no fun. 

Of course the dudes that put in the new water main, only half-heartedly refilled the trench they’d dug to build it – so the long mounds of dirt are have turned into a sloppy muddy mess with all the rain, and since they didn’t fill the trench the right way (the mounds of dirt are next to the trench – say what, now?) so of course the extra moisture is making the trench reappear like magic. The hubby has made some attempts to move the dirt back into the reappearing trench, but – you guessed it – the weather has been thwarting those efforts.

There are always caveats to home ownership, right? 

That’s enough random for today – let’s jump into the funnies, shall we? This totally cracked me up:

I love this:

This is hilarious:

This is so true:

This is crazy:

This cracked me up:

This is hilarious:

This is enlightening:

This is hilarious:

I love this (one of these things is not like the other):

This is hysterical:

This is valid:

This is hilarious:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome. And don’t forget to think about the donuts of your day! 

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  1. Congratulations on the home improvement, and yes, they are much happier to start the work than finish it, i’ve noticed that.

    Thanks for the laughs, we need more of those 1960’s security cameras.

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