Can you believe this is the final Tuesday of 2021? Is it just me, or did this year fly by fairly quickly? Hope you all had a Merry Christmas – we finally got to hang out with my brother and his wife for our annual Christmas Eve Brunch. We realized it had been four years since we were together on Christmas Eve – my how the time does fly by!

So it was an extra special treat – especially getting to see my nieces and finding out they continued the Santa Letter tradition I started for them when they were young. I was so touched that even though they’re both now in college, they still do the Reindeer Food every year, and fondly remember the Santa Letters I sent them all those years ago.

I managed to get all the gifts wrapped – barely! Was wrapping past midnight Thursday night to get all the Christmas Eve gifts wrapped, then did a repeat past midnight wrapping on Christmas Eve to get all the Santa gifts wrapped for Christmas morning. Next year I swear I’m going to block some time off on my calendar so I can get ready well in advance so I can enjoy the season rather than feel like I had to rush through it. 

How was your Christmas? Did you get to spend quality time with family and friends this year?

We actually had a White Christmas this year! It’s very rare here in the Pacific Northwest, but since I love snow, I was very happy with the fluffy white stuff:

We got about 6-inches between Saturday and Sunday – the picture above is when the snow started coming down again like crazy Sunday evening. More snow is forecast throughout this week, and we’re having a major cold snap – another unusual event for the Pacific Northwest when it gets down into the teens for the lows, and barely gets to freezing for the highs. 2021 sure did prove to be a record-breaking year for this area weatherwise for sure!

But it certainly doesn’t compare to the winter of 1880-1881 in Minnesota – it was no laughing matter. Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about it in her book, The Long Winter.

Let’s move on to the funnies, shall we? Speaking of snow, this is hilarious:

This cracked me up:

This is funny:

This is valid:

This cracked me up:

This is valid:

This is hilarious:

This is funny:

This is funny:

This is so on point:

This is crazy:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome. 

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!

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  1. It’s warm here, and while i wouldn’t want snow in the swamps, maybe it would be nice if we could even things out a bit, you get a couple of degrees warmer, we get a bit cooler.

    Thanks for the funnies, and i hope you have a blessed and beautiful Happy New Year!

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