Monday has arrived – we’re in the throes of a major heat dome here in the Pacific Northwest (I know, hard to fathom it’s not raining). Yesterday’s high hit 109 with the ‘feels like’ temperature of 118 degrees. Today’s high is expected to hit 112 degrees – figuring out the math, the ‘feels like’ temperature will be hellish. Since our house was built in 1930, we don’t have central air. One caveat of having a penchant for old houses. Research about potentially getting central air is already in motion.

Meanwhile, it’s Monday and Monday means music – this week is a freebie week, so feel free to grab your favorite tune(s) and come dance with us, won’t you?

Let’s start with a song that makes me wish I could jump right into the video on this hot hot day. The lead singer said the group had the idea for this summer anthem back in 2014. They filed it away, but during a writing session, it came up again. The writers helped the band see “it wasn’t a joke title but a really fun title.”

Lyrically, this is a breakup song where the lead sings of his girl having just walked out on him. He is so enjoying riding the breeze on the river, letting the sun and rum do what it does, the singer can shrug off any drama. One band member explained:

“He’s not really heartbroken in this particular moment, ’cause he’s on a boat and he’s having fun and I’ll deal with the rest tomorrow.”

The song begins and ends with jubilant ad-libs, making it sound like the group had a fun time laying it down in the studio. Since the band knew the song needed to sound like a party, and a little intoxicated, they downed some tequila and did their best little party dance song.

Get ready to dance, here’s Old Dominion with “I Was On a Boat That Day”:

Next up, nearly 15 years into their country music career, this trio feels that their new album, released June 25, brings them full circle. The Grammy-winning trio spent the last year-and-a-half re-evaluating.

The process began with their 2019 album. Sidelined by the pandemic shortly after its release, the acclaimed country trio began asking themselves the hard questions. By pressing further into “Who are we?” and “What do we want?”.

This approach is not a new direction. One of the trio said:

“…it is a return to the sound I think that defined us early on in our career.

To get back there, we are trying not to chase as much, and just making music that moves us. It’s making sure you put art before commerce. These songs follow art, and are more present where we are right now.”

Give a listen to Lady A with “What A Song Can Do”:

Next up, less than a month after his EP arrived, and before he officially sends any of its songs to country radio, this artist has netted a number-one hit on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart with this song.

That’s due in part to the song’s breakout success on TikTok, where a clip the singer posted of him dancing to the song with his 15-year-old daughter, Lela, has been viewed over seven million times.

“I have my first number-one on Billboard with a song that’s completely me, through and through. That’s the coolest part. It almost seems too easy because it was just me being me, in the song and with my family.”

Here’s the awesome Walker Hayes with “Fancy Like”:

Last, but certainly not least – and in honor of 4th of July next weekend, this group released a new album this past Friday (June 25), and the tracklisting celebrates America’s freedoms. They were quoted as saying:

“Based merely on the human condition, our differences are far outweighed by our common ground. We hope this album serves as a reminder of the unity to be found in our shared humanity.”

Without further ado, here’s Home Free with “Land Of The Free”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday! See you on the dance floor!

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July next weekend!

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  1. Stacy,

    I think it was you who introduce Lady Antebellum to me and I still love their sound. I really enjoyed this song which is new-to-me. Home Free has a great vibe. I liked your song set this morning, darlin’! Here’s to y’all getting center AC installed soon. We don’t have it, either, but at least we have a stout window unit that does a nice job for the most part. Next house will definitely have center heat & air. 😉 Happy Independence Day, my friend!

  2. Old Dominion’s song had a bit of zydeco in it, I thought, and it was really fun. L liked that Lady A has decided to return to their roots; it’s never a bad choice. One of Home Free’s singers has such a deep voice and that voice helped make that selection. I hope things are better for you now. We watched that heat from afar (we had our own heat wave in the NE but nothing like yours-we only reached 97) and couldn’t believe it.

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