Hello Tuesday! And yes, I’m late yet again, working long hours I’m getting a little discombobulated. Not as discombobulated as I was over the weekend, though – I got my second covid vaccine on Friday, and was down for the count the rest of Friday, all of Saturday, and partially on Sunday. I was confident I wouldn’t get affected by it, because my first shot resulted in very mild side effects – a little tiredness and a bit of a headache, and of course a very sore arm.

Well this time, all of that was exacerbated to the tenth power. I kid you not! I felt like I was moving under water, brain fog was more serious that usual, my arm was killing me, the headache was constant, with the occasional feeling like someone was stabbing the side of my head, and the overall muscle fatigue was cumbersome.

But you know what? Now that I feel human again, the couple of days of I don’t even know what to call it were totally worth it so I’d have some protection against the virus. And this is coming from someone who never gets the flu shot annually, because the two times I ever did, I got super sick with the flu. When I don’t get the annual flu shot I never get the flu. But this? Definitely want to make sure I’m protected. So, done and done!

Guess what today is? Besides the fact that people will have fun with the date of 4/20 (and for the record, I don’t touch the stuff) – but more importantly, today is Maxwell Smart’s one-year Birthday!

I know, I know, that picture is from last August, when he was a few months old. He’s gotten much bigger by now, so I definitely need to take new pictures of him. I’ll have some new one to share next week. He’s gotten so tall he can easily swipe things off the kitchen counter – and swipe them he has.

In the last few days, he’s also figured out he can paw open my middle desk drawer and empty it out. Luckily I don’t stash chocolate in that drawer, he did steal a peppermint lollipop from Christmas I’d forgotten about, and chewed up my mini ring light (it was in the shape of a cat, of course – not that he’d chew up a cat, he loves our cats, and all but one love him).

Since I’ve been working so much, I haven’t had the time to train him properly other than a few basic things (sit, shake, etc.) so I’m contemplating signing him up for some dog training. Maybe that should be one of his birthday presents. 😉

Let’s move onto the funnies, shall we? I think I’ve always known this, but maybe I didn’t, I can’t remember:

This is hilarious:

This is funny (and true):

This is hilarious:

This is funny (and true):

This cracked me up:

One of my favorite peeps seems to get put in Facebook Jail quite a bit and posted this (cracked me up):

Oh man, I remember buying versions of these when I was in my first apartment and feeling so fancy:

This is funny:

This is also funny (especially with today’s calendar date):

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome. Please stay healthy and safe!




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  1. I forgot it was 4/20. That makes for good funnies! When I got my second dose of vaccine, I had terrible side effects, too. Mine only lasted about 24 hours. Fever, headache, fatigue, brain fog, aches. I guess it’s better than getting the virus, though!

  2. Heeheehee! Thank you for the funnies, i needed that.

    Glad you got vaccinated, although i am sorry you had the side effects.

    Many happy returns of the day to Maxwell Smart!

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