First Monday of February! This will be a fun date to note: 2-1-21. 🙂 Monday, of course, means music!

For the month of February, our Spotlight Dancer is our friend and regular Monday’s Music Moves Me participant, Robin from Songbird’s Crazy World! The theme selected for this week is “National Baked Alaska Day. It is also Candy-making Day, Candy Decorating Day and Dark Chocolate Day. So let’s have songs about “sweet” things.” Let’s get this sweet party started, shall we?

Let’s start with a song from one of my favorite bands from the 80s, where the lyrics came from a poem the lead singer was working on. He wrote the song about his girlfriend, Erin Everly, the daughter of Don Everly of the Everly Brothers. After dating for four years, they got married at a quickie wedding in Las Vegas on April 28, 1990, but just nine months later, the marriage was annulled.

The first two singles from this album flopped, but when this song was released as the third single in June 1988, it made a steady climb to the top, bringing the album with it. The song hit #1 in September; the album reached the top spot in August. In the wake of this song’s success, one of the previous singles was re-released, and this time became a hit.

Give a listen to Guns N’ Roses with “Sweet Child O’ Mine”:

Next up, this artist explained that this song is about the search for fulfillment, and the “Sweet Dreams” are the desires that motivate us. This duo were a couple for about three years while they were members of a band called The Tourists. They only wrote one song together in this time, but when The Tourists broke up, they formed this duo and began writing together. A short time later, they broke up. The male half of the duo was quoted as saying:

“When we broke up as a couple for some strange reason it was like we were always going to be together, no matter what. We couldn’t really break that spell so we just carried on making music. This causes many problems, yet through all of this we ended up writing a lot of great songs, some were about ‘our’ relationship and some were about our relationship with the world around us. Whatever we wrote always had a dark side and a light side and in a way I describe it as ‘realistic music,’ full of the ups and downs of real relationships and life itself.”

The female half of the duo recalled that this was song written by the two just after they’d had a bitter fight. She said:

“I thought it was the end of the road and that was that. We were trying to write, and I was miserable. And he just went, well, ‘I’ll do this anyway.'”

He came up with a beat, she improvised the synthesizer riff, and suddenly they realized they had a potential hit. This song was originally a hit in Europe in 1982, and a year later with the advent of MTV, it reached the #1 spot in the US, giving them their only US chart topper.

Give a listen to one of my favorite 80s tunes, here’s Eurythmics with “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This):

Next up, the music video for this single was shot in Los Angeles in December 2014, and was inspired by the 2005 romantic comedy, Wedding Crashers, it features the band crashing several weddings, during which they surprise the newlyweds and their guests.

The concept was conceived a month before filming by the director who, for the needs of the video, had a special tent built that hid the band from the newlyweds and their guests. Although initially he wanted to surprise both spouses, the director decided to tell the grooms about the surprise; the secret remained hidden, however, from the brides and guests until the moment of revelation.

Several online magazines reported that the weddings in the video were staged while the newlyweds were actors – at least two of the weddings in the video were legit.


Without further ado, here’s Maroon 5 with ”:

Last, but certainly not least, when this American singer, songwriter, actress and voice actress was thirteen, she began working on music by herself. One day, while working in an Orlando studio, she was overheard by Victor Cade, a FedEx delivery man who had a friend in A&R at Epic Records. Cade later sent this friend a copy of this yount artist’s unfinished demo, and she signed on with the label.

This particular song is this artist’s debut single, released on August 17, 1999, in the U.S. The single was a commercial success in a number of countries, but was compared immediately to the teen pop singers Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Britney Spears. It debuted at number 88 on the Billboard Hot 100, before peaking at number 41 on the chart.

It was from this song that this artist rose to fame. In the summer of 1999, she began touring with NSYNC, and later that year, she also toured with Backstreet Boys. In 2001 she ventured into acting and voiceover work – any of my fellow “This Is Us” fans will recognize her as the beloved Rebecca Pearson. Well, OK, she doesn’t look like Rebecca in the music video, because she’s super young. 😉

Without further ado, here’s Mandy Moore with “Candy”:

That’s a wrap for this week – see you on the dance floor! Happy New Year – please stay safe and healthy!

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  1. Stacy,

    GNR’s “Sweet Child O’ Mine” came to mind as a possibility for today but I passed on it. Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” is another excellent song pick and Maroon 5 “Sugar” is such a bubbly tune that makes me wanna dance. I just love that video,too! Mandy Moore’s song is new to me. Sweet song set for this Monday on the dance floor, my friend. Rock on!

  2. I had a feeling several of us would pick Guns N’Roses and the Eurythmics – of course, they are “sweet” songs. I enjoyed Maroon 5’s song but your explanation helped a lot -although I did (kind of) catch on at the end. Mandy Moore to me started out “meh” but I was tapping along to it by the end. Stay safe!

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