Some Recreational Activities Allowed; Barbie Fun and Random Funnies: Random Tuesday Thoughts

We made it to the final Tuesday of April! How are you all holding up? We’re still waiting to see what our Governor decides about the end of the Stay Home Stay Safe order – rumor has it it will … Continue reading

Will History Repeat Itself and a Funnies Mishmash: Random Tuesday Thoughts

Another week has flown by – I keep going down the rabbit hole on Facebook and news outlets reading all the quarantine and virus stories. I just lost an hour of time doing that, when I should have been over … Continue reading

just One of Them Girls when God Whispered Your Name that Beer Can’t Fix because there’s No I in Beer!

Is it Monday? Are the days blurring together for any of you, yet? With my work schedule and the kids’ school schedule, the days aren’t blurring together for us…yet. We’ve entered into a steady routine, which is good, right? How … Continue reading

Random Tuesday Thoughts – the Quarantine Edition

The chronicles of the Quarantine Continuation day number six thousand, five hundred and forty-nine. Or, you know, something like that. At least that’s how it feels, am I right? While the K-12 schools are closed for the rest of the … Continue reading

Only Fooling Myself with a Foolish Beat not just Fool’s Gold because i’m Nobody’s Fool

Hope you all are doing well during this surreal time, staying safe and healthy! Are the days blurring together, yet? In case you forgot, it happens to be Monday! And since it is Monday, that means music! For the month of … Continue reading

Physical School Canceled and Sanity Tested with Random Funnies – Random Tuesday Thoughts

Here we are, the first official Tuesday of April – here’s hoping that April won’t feel so laboriously long like March did. There’s one day less in the month, so maybe it will only feel like 3/4 of a year … Continue reading