Hello, February! Did you take advantage (or at least enjoy) the first palindrome day in over 900 years this past Sunday? You know, 02/02/20 – same forwards and backwards? That was the only time such a date will occur this century.

The previous palindrome date came 909 years ago on 11/11/1111. The next will come in 101 years on 12/12/2121 and after that there will not be another until 03/03/3030. It was also Super Bowl Sunday and Groundhog Day. Who were you rooting for in the Super Bowl? And did you see that the Groundhog predicts an early spring?

I love the whole palindrome thing – any word, phrase or sequence of numbers that reads the same whether you read it forward or backward, such as “mom,” “race car” or “tacocat.” Author James Joyce invented “tattarrattat,” which is supposed to be the sound of a knock on the door and the longest single-word palindrome in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Famous palindromes include “rats live on no evil star,” “never odd or even” and “a man, a plan, a canal, Panama.” The phrase “A toyota’s a toyota” can continue as a palindrome forever, as in “A toyota’s a toyota’s a toyota…”

Palindrome comes from the Greek words “palin,” which means “again, back” and “dromos,” meaning “running,” according to Dictionary.com. So palindrome is a word or phrase that runs back on itself.

Thus ends the lesson of the day – shall we move on to the funnies, since I’m running late again? 🙂

This is hilarious:

I love this:

This is hysterical:

I do this, too:

This totally cracked me up:

This is hilarious:

I love this:

This cracked me up:

This is funny:

This cracked me up:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

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  1. Stacy,

    Thanks for lesson 101 on Palindrome. That word was new-to-me, as well. A good friend of ours explained a bit of the same historical significance. I’m pretty sure I won’t be around for the next one, so it’s really cool that this happened in my life time. I guess it’s possible my grandchildren will see the next one but definitely my great-grand kids assuming my grand kids have children. I don’t want to press them or anything, you know. lol The repeating word phrases are cool. I didn’t think about that. The bike for sell, rear window vehicle decal, and explanation of ‘poo’ are the best! Thanks for the education and laughs.

  2. Yes, i did notice the palindrome on the calendar, but i had no idea how long it was between such dates. It was also Candlemas, or Feast of the Presentation, which just goes to show that there are lots of reasons why every day is special.

    Loved the funnies, and like the box, i am trying, too!

  3. I don’t think 02/02/20 is a palindrome. Backwards it would be 02/20/20. It’s the middle number that’s throwing me off. Maybe I need an explanation! LOL Loved the funnies today!

  4. MOL..I think 02-02-2020 is a great number and so was 02-02-2002 and I made them both…YooHoo…Thanks for the laugh, this was a real piece of happiness😸Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday🐾😽💞

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