First Monday of February, and Monday means music! For the month of February, our Spotlight Dancer is our friend Robin from Songbird’s Crazy World! She has chosen the theme for this week, which is ” L❤️VE songs In honor of Valentine’s Day, we will have love songs. Songs about falling in love, songs about being in love, songs about missing the one you love, even songs about losing love.” Let’s get this love party started!

Let’s start with a dynamic power ballad finds the artist and his girlfriend vowing devotion to each other. The two officially became a couple in November 2015. The romantic ode was originally written for the artist to sing solo. However, the country star made a last-minute decision to ask his girlfriend to join him in the recording studio. He was quoted as saying:

“This was one of those songs where the more I heard it, the more I fell in love with it. I also realized how important it is for me and where I am in my life, and I think that’s why Shane was trying to get it to me. It fits my story. I was about to go in and record when I decided that it needed Gwen on it – because it is our song. I think it’s magic.”

The song is their third recorded duet.

Here’s Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani with “Nobody But You”:

Next up is a romantic ballad in which the artist talks about her British actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Can I go where you go? / Can we always be this close forever and ever? / And ah, take me out, and take me home forever and ever / You’re my, my, my, my 

The artist’s romantic relationships have always been at the center of her music and here she declares her joy at finding long-lasting love. She unveils some potential wedding vows during the serenade’s bridge:

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand? / With every guitar string scar on my hand / I take this magnetic force of a man to be my / Lover.

The song is the title track of the artist’s seventh studio album. She revealed the record is:

“…a love letter to love, in all of its maddening, passionate, exciting, enchanting, horrific, tragic, wonderful glory.”

The video is a romantic fantasy involving the artist and her lover. The various scenes take place in a bright, colorful house within a snow globe. The inspiration behind the clip was a lyric from the artist’s song “You Are In Love”:

And so it goes, you two are dancing in a snow globe ’round and ’round

The artist’s ‘love interest’ in the video is played by one of her tour dancers, Christian Owens, who also appeared in Normani’s “Motivation” video.

For your audio and visual enjoyment, here’s Taylor Swift with “Lover”:

Next up is a favorite song that has an interesting history – early in his career, the writer and producer of this song did it for a British band he was working with called Supercharge, which issued it on their 1979 album Body Rhythm under a different title. Supercharge had some success in Europe, but weren’t known at all in America, where the album wasn’t even released.

In 1977, this same producer produced two albums for a band called Clover, which was from San Francisco, but had moved to England to make their mark. Elvis Costello thought highly enough of Clover to use them as his backing band on his album My Aim Is True, but the group couldn’t break through in Britain as they hoped. Returning to America, Clover regrouped as this band as we know it today, got a deal with Chrysalis Records, and released their first album in that configuration in 1980. It flopped. Chrysalis let them make a second album, but this time they had to have a hit.

The label strongly suggested they record this song, but the band wasn’t thrilled with this idea: Clover’s work with the producer hadn’t panned out, so why should they record another one of his songs? The frontman and his bandmates were determined to make music on their terms, but they were in their 30s and running out of time.

At the urging of their manager, they recorded this “overly commercial” song for their second album. It ended up being their first hit, and the song that paid the bills. It was a teachable moment for the band, who worked hard from that point forward to create at least two hits on every album, even if it meant compromising a bit.

The producer is a master producer but not the most deft lyricist; many of his songs are rather bawdy when separated from the grooves. This one is about a guy who makes a move on a girl, telling her, “I want to love you all over.” Seems he gets his wish, as by the end of the song he says he’s got her, and it’s gonna last. Like most of his songs, the chorus is so catchy the verses often get left behind. The original version of this song had this chorus:

We both believe in love / We both believe its ours / You really feel the love / Oh you really make me see the stars

The frontman of this band re-wrote it to:

Do you believe in love? / Do you believe it’s true? / Do you believe in love? / And you’re making me believe it too

He knew he’d get better results by asking a girl if she believes in love rather than telling her she does.

Without further ado, here’s Huey Lewis And The News with “Do You Believe In Love”:

Last, but definitely not least, is a song collaboration with this next group and another artist. In the song, they’re both calling out to their lovers to stop playing around and be real. 

Tell me if you love me or not / I bet the house on you / Am I lucky or not, lucky or not, lucky or not?

Definitely fits the theme this week!

Get ready to dance, here’s  featuring  with ”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday and see you on the dance floor!

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  1. Whoa Girlfriend, great selections here for sure. Blake & Gwen aren’t they cute! I hope they stay together, but who knows. Then we have Taylor Swift… welllllllllllllllllllll it was okay, but then you have Huey Lewis are old favorite for sure, but then WOO HOO we’ve got Adam Levine. Wow, I sure wish he was on the Voice still. It just doesn’t seem right without him. This is a new song isn’t it? It’s a cute song & the video welllllllllllll ya really gotta pay attention. Cute ending though! Great job my friend. Hope all is well with you!

  2. Stacy,

    I’m glad to see that you shared the duet by America’s sweetheart couple, Blake & Gwen, “Nobody But You”. I stumbled on this last week for the first time. I think they are so sweet together and I hope their relationship is the real McCoy. It’s so hard to tell in the entertainment industry if what’s being peddled is the truth or not. Huey Lewis & the News is a blast from the past “Do You Believe in Love” and I have to say YES, I believe! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the dance floor with me, darling. Have a boogietastic week! 😉

  3. These are great choices, Stacy! I was saddened to hear about Huey Lewis losing his hearing . Most of the songs in this post are familiar for me. I think I had not heard the Shelton/Stefani duet nor the Maroon 5 song. Have a great day!

  4. I had just started to read an article in People Magazine about Huey Lewis and his battle with an inner ear disorder called Meniere’s disease, which has robbed him of the ability to hear music enough to perform it since 2018. That, and “Lover”, are the two songs I already knew. I’m liking Blake Shelton more and more but I have to admit my favorite here, although Maroon 5’s song had a nice beat was….Do You Believe In Love.

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