Mother Nature is throwing in some freezing temps this week just to remind us that winter is still sticking around. We’ve been inundated with tons of rain here in the Pacific Northwest (and no, it doesn’t rain here all  the time – but the start of this new decade has marked the third most rain ever seen to the start of a year.

Through the end of Feb. 6th – the 2020 rain total for the Seattle stands at 11.98″. Historically speaking, that’s the 3rd wettest start of any calendar year on record for the Seattle Area observations. The wetter years? 15.01″ in 1953 and 12.76″ in 2006. I’m definitely ready for some sunshine and vitamin D! 

Meanwhile, it’s Monday, and Monday means music! This week is a freebie week, so grab your favorite tune(s), and come dance with us, won’t you? Let’s get this party started!

Let’s start with a favorite author who’s showing off her good genetics.

How you get that bod? / Is it from god? / Did you work real hard? / G-E-N-E-T-I-C-S / How you get that bass? / Is it all fake? / Made in LA / G-E-N-E-T-I-C-S

The artist was quoted as saying:

“It’s kinda like ‘(All About That) Bass 2.0’. It’s about my genetics and how you get that bod? It’s genetics. I’ve been blessed.”

Here’s Meghan Trainor featuring The Pussycat Dolls with “Genetics”:

Next up is a song from this favorite group that actually came out in 2018, but the video was finally uploaded last Wednesday, February 5th, which appears to be a cool compilation of video clips from ‘behind the scenes’. I couldn’t find much background on the song itself, but the lyrics to the chorus are a good indication of how awesome the song is:

I ain’t no Superman, I ain’t no Holy Ghost / I’m just the one who keeps you up at night you love the most / I’ll be your strong man, I’ll be your West Coast / I’ll be the sun, I’ll be the waves, I’ll be the one you love the most

There’s a lot of discussions online about people accusing this song of being ‘country’ (I sure don’t mind!) but the overall agreement is that it’s different from their older stuff – less pop and more folksy. You decide!

Give a listen to Imagine Dragons with “West Coast”:

Next up is an artist who, having sung about the insecurities of a homecoming queen and her dislike of clubbing, continues with the theme of vulnerability on this song. She sings throughout the song about her “love-and-hate relationship” with Los Angeles.

I watch the sun sink down over Santa Monica Boulevard / When I’m lonely and I’m missin’ home / But other times I feel like my blood is runnin’ Cali

Though the singer is unsure if she’s “cool enough” to fit in with the LA celebrities, she admits The Golden State can be magical.

I’m on my third glass of wine tryin’ to find conversation / In a room with bigger names

The artist wrote the song alone, sitting on a bathroom floor in Los Angeles. The Nashville star explained in an Instagram post that she’d left her guitar on her tour bus, so the song began as a stream-of-consciousness-style poem. In it she talks about “feeling equal parts like somebody and like nobody, surrounded and completely alone, inspired and terrified, on top of the world and filled to the brim with anxiety.” She was quoted as saying:

“As soon as I got to the bus a few days later it became this. It’s not cool to talk about not feeling cool. But it’s honest. And I’m really proud of every word of it.”

Here’s the cutie (and cool in my book) Kelsea Ballerini with “LA”:

Last, but definitely not least, is a brand new song from this favorite artist, that addresses the double standards between men and women. Specifically, the superstar singer compares the way she’s treated in the media vs. the way famous men are treated.

The song is a confrontation of workplace sexism and the artist’s own struggles to rise to the top of her industry. The video depicts a woman trying to get ahead (literally) in a maze-like city full of men and staircases that lead to nowhere. After almost being stepped on, the woman starts running, trying to escape.

She then climbs a building, working hard to reach the top but not quite getting there. At one point, she’s kicked off a building, falling, before she’s caught by another woman, learning that the true path to success is by lifting each other up.

For those of you who have Netflix, you should watch Miss Americana, the documentary following her life during the making of her 2019 album, and her recent political involvements. The film opened at Sundance to a positive reception and it contains a new song from the artist, “Only the Young.” The director of the documentary, Lana Wilson, was quoted as saying:

“I think girls in our society are taught that other people’s approval is of paramount importance to their self-worth. I really related to those questions of: ‘Was I nice enough? Do they like me? Are people mad at me?’ When I heard Taylor verbalize that, I was just like, ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.’ And I thought it would be so comforting and relatable to so many women to know that, even if you’re a celebrity at the highest level, you still ask yourself those questions.”

Without further ado, here’s the inimitable Taylor Swift with “The Man”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday, I’ll see you on the dance floor!

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  1. Okay, nope never heard not one. Dang, I need to change the radio station or something. Now I really love Megan Trainor, but this one I never heard and actually I haven’t heard any of these. Dang, now Taylor Swift she’s another breed for sure. I think she might try going back to country and get her mojo back cuz she lost it somewhere I think. Oh well, my opinion and I’m stuck with it. Well, hope all is well with you girlfriend. Have a great week. hugs

  2. Stacy,

    Last week we got a lot of rain. The weekend provided a break from the wet but it’s started again this morning. Ugh! Hopefully, we’ll all get some drier weather soon. Thanks for sharing these all new-to-me tunes and for boogieing with me on the 4M dance floor, dearie. Have a songsational week! xx

  3. I love Seattle! My son is there now for some show. He’s dawning an Elvis suit to do a presentation about a Memphis company. The snow must be hell on those downtown hills. My family wouldn’t wait for me as they tore up the hills from the ferris wheel to the hotel. I ended up barfing on the street. I schooled them!

    If this beauty queen doesn’t think she’s pretty enough for LA, God help us normal people! Great songs.

  4. We’ve been getting a lot of rain and even some snow here. Couldn’t tell you how much we’ve had so far this year, but we’re expecting 2-4 inches in the next several day. Good choices for songs!

  5. Too many people are getting too much rain. We’ve had a milder than normal winter with way below average snowfall and only two days in February with below normal temperatures. So…with Meghan Trainor and her struggle with panic disorder, it’s great to see her back – I was thinking, when listening to this, it would make some kind of great mashup song with Lady Gaga’s Born this Way. Imagine Dragons – I run hot and cold on their songs. I think the distinctions between rock and country have been blurring – in this song I hear mostly Imagine Dragons with maybe a dash of country, but why not? I’ve never been to LA but I guess I’m cool enough where I do live. Nice selection, as always.

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