Hey-oh! It’s Monday! And it just so happens to be my birthday! Let’s Par-tay! I have to admit, it’s kind of a bummer that my birthday falls on a Monday this year, but thankfully I get to listen to lots of music today – because Monday means music!

For the whole month of December our honorary co-host shall be… “Santa Claus” and the whole month of December shall be Christmas tunes or Christmas related! Let’s get this party started!

Let’s start with one of my favorite artists who, over the course of his three-decade career, has never released a Christmas song—until now. Last Thursday (Dec. 5), he dropped his first-ever yuletide tune. He was quoted as saying:

“I’ve always wanted to record a Christmas song, but I really wanted to try and write something new. So, Shane came to my house and we wrote, really about a Christmas gone terribly wrong. No snow. Too much fog. Nobody can make it to the party. It’s going to be a colorless Christmas, until her man comes through.”

About the video he said:

“I wanted to keep the video loose and a bit more performance-based than the actual story line, because everybody has their own version of what a song should look like, so I didn’t want to touch on that too much.”

Give a listen to Keith Urban with “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight”:

Next up is a song by this duo who I was introduced to (and introduced you to) last week. I liked the first song I shared so much, I went looking for more. The two sisters started a rock band back in 2004, and went through many changes over the years until the eventual breakup in 2012, with their reunion just this past year.

One of the sisters was a contestant (and subsequent first runner up) on the very first season of The Voice in 2011. If I watched that show, I probably would have ‘discovered’ these two sooner…heh! Better late than never!

Without further ado, here’s Meg & Dia with “Christmas Tree”:

Next up, another favorite artist released a Christmas song last week – but it’s not just the music people are talking about. The video for the song shows a compilation of the artist’s family’s seasonal home movies from years gone by. It’s absolutely adorable!

The artist grew up on Pine Ridge Farm in Reading, Pennsylvania. In the video, which premiered at midnight on Thursday (Dec 5), the pop star takes us back to her semi-rural childhood through home movies shot by her mother and father on the Reading Christmas tree farm property.

The song has a classic cheerful holiday vibe, where she reminisces about the warmth that can be found among family during Christmas.

You would be there, too / Under the mistletoe / Watching the fire glow / And tell me, I love you / Just being in your arms / Takes me back to that little farm / Where every wish comes true

In the clip, her mother and father, Andrea and Scott, and brother Austin appear alongside her. The adorable footage shows them frolicking in the snow, sledding, hanging by the Christmas tree and the artist is wowed when she opens a gift of an acoustic guitar.

Get ready for some major ‘awwww!’ moments, here’s the inimitable Taylor Swift with “Christmas Tree Farm”:

Last, but absolutely not least, this wintertime duet isn’t exactly new or original, but considering what these two do with it, it might as well be. It’s no secret that the original song is controversial and some may say cringe-y by 2019 standards, which is why the two singers, along with Insecure’s Natasha Rothwell, rewrote it to bring the creepiness factor way, way down.

The male lead, for example, gives the female lead plenty of affirmations and assurances like “It’s your body and your choice,” and even offers to get her a ride instead of repeatedly trying to convince her to stay the night. We love a festive feminist.

Personally, I have no issue with the original, but I enjoyed this version, too.

Here’s the legendary duo, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson, with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”:

That’s a wrap for this week – see you on the dance floor!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:   Photobucket

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  1. Keith Urban lives close to my son, and he often sees him driving by in his sporty car. Urban can afford to be everyone’s Santa. As for Baby it’s Cold Outside, I like the rewrite that is better in terms of the rape culture.

  2. Great tunes, and i happen to like the rewrite and the original, each in the context of their time and place.

  3. Well, great minds think alike once again! hehehe I loved his song (Keith Urban) as soon as I heard it. Too cute. Kelly and Legend pretty good together and as far as Taylor Swift… nope still don’t like her. She needs to do a check on herself. Her voice ain’t bad, but it’s how she uses it She has to come off her high horse for sure. Anyway, don’t get me started, but hey… MERRY CHRISTMAS GIRLFRIEND TO YOU AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY> HUGS

  4. Keith Urban’s song was nice to hear. Taylor Swift’s home videos were cute; the song was OK. Now, the cover of Baby It’s Cold Outside. Maybe it would have been good as a Saturday Night Live skit. I guess I come from a different generation (I was born the year before Eartha Kitt sang the original); I think (and still do, even after the controversy) that the original song was representative of the way people would have thought in those days – and, you know, today they still do think that way. The John Legend lyrics make absolutely no sense in the context of what Kelly is singing. It actually made me cringe just a little. Would any guy really be thinking “I’ll call you an Uber” knowing the woman is turning down all his attempts to make sure she’s not being coerced in any way, and she’s doing everything short of screaming “I WANT TO STAY HERE WITH YOU TONIGHT!” So, your post was great – it is making your readers think!

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