This time of year is always a busy one – we kicked off November with Little Dude’s 12th birthday, then last Friday was Princess Nagger’s 17th birthday. I know what you’re thinking – SEVENTEEN? No way this little munchkin has gotten so old so fast:

Princess Nagger 4 Months Old

The Teenitude has been prominent, but from what I understand for those who survived those teen years, things will right themselves again. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later!

Meanwhile, it’s Monday, and Monday means music! This week is a freebie, so grab your favorite tune(s) and let’s dance, shall we? Let’s get this party started!

Let’s start with a new song from this artist that makes you question him as he wishes you a life of sleepless nights and broken promises. But it’s not what it seems, he was quoted as saying:

“I know that the title can come across a little harsh, it’s a love song, I promise. My hope is that this song helps reframe pain for so many who are struggling right now. I want anyone in pain to know that it gets better, and not only that, you are developing strength in areas you can’t even understand yet. I am beyond inspired by the heroes among us. I have heard people in all walks of life who have been dealt seemingly terrible hands speak brilliantly and eloquently about the people they have become.”

He was inspired by a fan who wanted to follow in his footsteps. When she asked for advice, he encouraged her to get used to rejection:

“You need to go and play a hundred shows that nobody cares. You need to write a bunch of songs that are bad, and get through that. I promise you’ll be in a better spot.”

He was also influenced by the pain he felt when his mother died of cancer in 2009. He said:

“I really got what pain is. So when I see someone else in pain, I have an inkling of what they’re going through. Before, I led like a super, lucky, privileged life. I still do, but I had to experience true pain.”

Be enlightened – here’s Andy Grammer with “Wish You Pain”:

Next up, this artist makes it clear that a hard-partying lifestyle is not for her.

I don’t wanna go to the club / I don’t wanna watch everybody around me try to hook up / And say stuff they don’t mean / And get drunk and get cheap

The singer prefers a cozy night at home to all the stress that clubbing brings. The song’s music video finds the artist enjoying a fun night in a hotel room with her posse. We see the singer and her friends – they are the artist’s real-life buddies – singing karaoke and dancing wildly. The girls conclude their party by leaping into the hotel’s swimming pool.

Here’s Kelsea Ballerini with “Club”:

Next up is a song that was written for the 2019 movie adaptation of the musical Cats. The song was co-written by this artist, who plays the flirtatious Bombalurina in the film, and the musical’s composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The only new song that was written for the movie, this was composed with protagonist Victoria the White Cat in mind. In the original musical, Victoria didn’t get any musical solos because it’s primarily a dancing role, but Lloyd Webber decided the cat was such a central character she needed her own song.

The artist asked if she could write the lyrics, and the pair got together at Lloyd Webber’s London residence and at the family estate in Sydmonton, Hampshire.

The song is sung twice in the film: Once by ballet star Francesca Hayward, who plays Victoria the White Cat, and again in a brief reprise by Dame Judi Dench, who portrays wise Old Deuteronomy. This artist’s studio version plays over the end credits.

The artist was aware the song was going to follow “Memory” in the movie. After Lloyd-Webber played a musical idea on the piano she started improvising lyrics with that in mind. She was quoted as saying:

“As soon as he starts playing it, I start singing the top line. I knew exactly what this character would say if she was going to sing a song. I knew where in the movie they were going to put her song.”

“Memory” is sung by the elderly Grizabella who harks back to her days as a glamorous dancer. The artist imagined Victoria reflecting on the song she’s just heard and countering it with her own point of view. She came up with a lyric in which the young cat tells Grizabella that she has had wonderful moments and glamour in her life “but I have had nothing.” She said:

“I could see this young person thinking like, ‘What if I never have any of that in my whole life? What if that’s lost on me? What if I don’t get that ever? At least you have that to cling to.'”

Here’s the inimitable Taylor Swift with “Beautiful Ghosts (From The Motion Picture “Cats”):

Last, but certainly not least, this song jumped out at me over the weekend because of Princess Nagger’s birthday last Friday. It certainly had me reflecting back to these days:

This song pays lyrical tribute to scenes from the this artist’s past as he looks back at his loved ones – it begins with just piano as the artist remembers his childhood friends.

Hey, buddies that I grew up with / All straight-laced and married up now

And his wife, whom he has known since second grade.

And hey, darling, sipping that red wine / All classy, kicked back on the couch.

During the second verse the artist turns his attention to his daughters in their younger years.

And hey, babies, crawling on the carpet / No, you won’t be that little for long

The was quoted as saying:

“We wrote this song about the people in life that we love, and always remembering them in their youth no matter how much time passes and [how much] we all change.”

“There’s something sentimental about remembering your very best friends – who have real jobs and families now – tearing it up in college, or picturing me and my wife with no cares at the Tin Roof back in Knoxville.”

The song was inspired by The Good Book:

“I love being able to talk about my best friends, my wife, my babies and going to heaven all in the same song. There’s a Bible verse that says, ‘Always look at your wife in her youth’ (that’s Proverbs 5:18). That Bible verse stuck out to me so much and that’s where this concept for this song came from.”

Without further ado, here’s Thomas Rhett with “Remember You Young”:

That’s a wrap for this week – see you on the dance floor!

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  1. Stacy,

    I made a goof on your FB wall wishing PN a happy birthday. I thought this was her 16th bday. *smack forehead* I guess I read it wrong. I’d like to say things will right themselves with the teenitude but it changes to something new when they get in their 20s. Kids will find away to make your life miserable for a just little longer. lol Hopefully by the time she becomes a mom she’ll have a newer appreciation for all that you and her daddy did/do for her.

    How is your sister doing? I hope she makes a complete recovery but as you said, she has a long road of recovery ahead. I’ll be praying for her and the whole family. Blessings to you, my dear and have a boogietastic week!

  2. I am looking forward to “Cats”, though I’m not sure I will appreciate the new song….I saw the original production on Broadway three or four times….

  3. Happy birthday to your kids! Princess Nagger is almost at the age where she stops acting like a teenager.

    Great songs this week. That last one was cute.

  4. Happy birthday to your children, and I can assure you (after several more years of ‘tude) things will get better. My two favorites here were Taylor Swift and (especially the video) Thomas Rhett. I’m happy to read the Tuesday post indicating that your sister is progressing in her recovery, too. Thank you for updating us.

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