Whaaaat? The last Tuesday of October already? I’m not going to say it. You already know what I’m thinking. We’ll just leave it at that…heh!

My brain is fried, too much going on, so I’m just going to dive on into the funnies, because that’s random enough for this week! Oh wait, I need to share this awesome picture a friend of mine took last week-ish:

Isn’t that awesome? I’ve always loved the Space Needle. I’m sure it has nothing to to with me having had to live with the nickname of Spacy Stacy when I was in high school.

Since this week is Halloween week, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share some Halloween funnies! Man, I wish I’d have thought of this when I was pregnant, it’s genius:


This cracked me up:

This is funny:

This is perfect on how fast time is flying by:

This is hilarious:

HA! This is so true:

This cracked me up:

This is totally me and my BFF:

I bet we all know someone who’s done this:

This is hilarious:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome.

Happy Halloween!



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Keeping the random alive (barely) – feel free to snag a badge and play along – one for my wino friends:

Stacy Uncorked

And one for my non-wino friends:

Stacy Uncorked



  1. Happy Great Neighborhood Candy Exchange Season!

    Your friend’s picture is astoundingly beautiful. The swamps are pretty but they don’t turn colors like that.

    No-Name Halloween is what we used to do around here, the kids preferred to make up their own costumes. Bigger Girl once had me wrap her in tin foil and tape toy food to it and she was leftovers!

    Susan deserved the truth!

    Is it shameful that i’ve always liked mullets?

    The temptation to touch is never outgrown, and the skeletons trying to sell car warranties had me laughing so hard!

    Enjoy your Tuesday, i hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

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