Well, our rainy season is upon us here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s been major downpours several days in a row, with intermittent sunshine. I know, right? Seems any state I’ve lived in, including this, my home state of Washington, everyone always says “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes!”

I did get some awesome fall foliage shots from our deck before the rain rolled in and started stripping the trees of their leaves:

See that fruit tree in the bottom middle of the image? I discovered we have three Quince trees. Those last two Quince were too high for me to pluck from the tree, so I’ll have to take a step stool or ladder out there at some point and snag them.

I had no clue what they were, Princess Nagger brought one in when she was out scarfing up some blackberries along the back edge of our property – we both thought they looked like deformed apples, or a cross between a pear and an apple. Here’s a close-up look:

Funny looking, no? They aren’t good to eat raw, they’re very tough and tend to be bitter. But apparently they’re fabulous when they’re cooked or made into jam. And while the flesh on the inside is white, once you roast, poach, or cook them, they turn a gorgeous ruby color.

Of course I decided to do something else with the 2-dozen our trees produced (would have been more, but the hubby cut all 6 of the fruit trees (3 cherry, 3 quince) way back year-before-last (so much so, I wasn’t sure they’d survive!) so next year we’ll have more abundant fruit as long as I keep the hubby away from the trees…heh!)

Anyway, I decided to make Quince Liqueur with them instead, since there’s just enough time for it to be ready by Christmas. I keep reading that it’s delicious, so I’m also experimenting with different flavors – doing two large jars of straight Quince Liqueur (cut up Quince with sugar and vodka), then I’m doing a Quince spiced brandy, Quince Spiced Rum, and Quince Apple Liqueur (using the apple wine I made as the alcohol portion). I’ll let you know how they turn out – and if you play your cards right, maybe I’ll do a giveaway when the time comes.

Last Friday, I believe, was the last sunny day before the rains rolled in – I caught a great shot of the sunrise (red in morning, sailors warning):

I sure love the view from our house and deck!

Time to move on to the funnies! With the new rapid falling of the leaves, I thought this was funny:

This cracked me up:

This is funny:

With last week being Columbus Day, I thought this was funny:

This is hilarious:

HA! This is so true:

Pretty much:

This is kinda gross but genius funny:


And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome.



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  1. Love the fall colors and the fruit! Texas doesn’t get much in the way of fall colors. Love the funny about the tree. The quince liqueur sounds good!

  2. Shades of the Flintstones and me when i am tired from cleaning everyone else’s house and i don’t want to do my own. Thanks for the funnies, i hope you enjoy the quince experiments.

  3. I enjoyed your fall color – it’s pouring right now where I live (Northeast) so there probably go our leaves, too. Yes, those are quinces and they are beatiful! A tiny bit of envy – no, I’ve never had them to try to make jelly (or liqueur) with. And your funnies – the Douglas one and the Columbus one were really good!!

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