Those of you with furbabies know that this was a difficult week for sure. The end of an era, the last of the Sheltie duo had to cross over the Rainbow Bridge last week:

The two original ‘Bloggy Doggies’ of my blog, since we got them as puppies a year after I started my blog. Travis on the left, Rolex on the right, after being freshly groomed.

They were both adorable puppies:

They loved running around the back yard getting dirty:

They even hijacked my blog once for a review:

Travis crossed the Rainbow bridge last winter, after growing a baseball sized tumor overnight, and a vet visit also revealed a heart murmur he’d had since birth.

Rolex was his half brother, born to the same mom doggy as Travis, 9 months later, and unusually large for a Sheltie, but what a big heart he had throughout his life.

I remember the day we picked up Roly – when I scooped him up and went in for a kiss on his snout, the breeder said “He’s not much of a licker.” And wouldn’t you know it, he immediately gave me a kiss. She laughed, and said he must have been saving his kisses for me.

He was always gentle and lovable, and sometimes a trouble maker, like when he thought it’d be a good idea to steal my fruit cup (after I’d eaten all the fruit, of course):

Or that time shortly after we moved back to Washington when he got his leg stuck in a Frisbee:

Both Travis and Rolex absolutely loved the snow. They’d get as excited as I did (and Princess Nagger) when the snow would fall, and then they’d race out and play in it, happily stick their faces in it and roll around in it:

Rolex started showing signs of his age the last few months, slowing down, having to take the stairs one step at a time, and in the recent weeks started drinking lots more water than usual, then not being able to ‘hold it’ for a trip outside.

A few days before his vet trip, one of our cats, Nautica, was hanging out with him a lot:

She’s one of our most aloof kitties, so you knew she knew something was up, simply by her cuddling next to Rolex, when normally she’d kick him off the towel then pee on it for spite. True story!

A trip to the vet revealed multiple tumors expertly hidden amongst his thick fur, so it was time to say goodbye and set him free.

Never easy, though, especially after having him as a best friend for so many years – but it would be cruel to try to ‘fix’ him and keep him around longer, that would be selfish on my part. So now he’s pain free, playing with his brother Travis and his other brother he never had a chance to meet, Elvis, across that Rainbow Bridge.

Santa won’t be going for a ride this year:

And I’ll sure miss my Christmas spirit buddies:

But I know they’re in a much better place, both now pain free. So at least I can take comfort in that.

Alright, enough walking down memory lane – let’s round this out on a high note with a few funnies, shall we?

Of course we need to start off with some doggy funnies:

And of course we can’t leave the kitties out:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome.



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  1. Again please accept my condolences. No matter how long we have our wonderful pets, we don’t have them long enough. You made a very unselfish choice.

    Sofas and InSync, i’m going to be giggling all morning. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

  2. Stacy,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your pup crossing over but you’re right it’s best to let him go now instead of prolonging the inevitable. You and your family were blessed with a lot of good years filled with a lot of puppy love and I enjoyed strolling down memory lane with you. How wonderful! Thanks for the giggles ending things on a high note because laughter is the best medicine for the soul, my friend. Have a good week!

  3. I’m so sorry. Both were beautiful dogs. Time passes, things change, but they will always be a part of you, and may their memories bring you happiness. (And, I forgive you for the snow pictures. I guess we all have to be reminded of what is coming next….)

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