Hard to fathom that in two days we’re literally halfway through August! I really wish I’d find that ‘pause’ button – for that matter, there are some situations I really wish I could have a rewind button! Raise your hand if summer is flying by too fast.

Some of you have kids that have started school already, so no doubt your hands are raised the highest. This is the hubby’s final work week before he finally gets to start his  (so naturally he’ll be on  until the third week of September – basically he’ll have 2 weeks of  that coincides with the kids’ ). I better get busy planning summer fun for those two weeks, eh? 

I’ve finally had a little bit of free time to do some binge-watching – some things are OK to be on in the background while I’m working (anyone else like background ‘noise’ that isn’t annoying noise while they work?), because I don’t miss anything, but I’ve been procrastinating watching The Handmaid’s Tale because I know I really need to pay attention and watch it (to avoid having to rewind a bajillion times when I miss something).

I’m regretting putting that off, though, because some of my fellow rabid fans were gifted really cool Levi’s jackets from the show via Hulu:

No one knows what the selection process was – I’m sure the special email invite from Hulu and Levi to claim your free jacket went out to those that had already streamed all the episodes on Hulu. It was still sitting in ‘My Stuff’ on Hulu, patiently waiting for me to watch the latest season. Of course now that I’ve finally started watching this newest season, it’s hard to stop. I’ve been staying up way too late thinking “I’ll just watch the first 10 minutes of the next episode, then go to bed…” Yeah, that works, right? Not.

Remember last week we were talking about me maybe getting a She-Shed? Well, I’ve been doing some research, and I’m thinking I really really need to build one. Yes, build one, not order one. I’ve downloaded a bunch of plans for ideas, now I’ll have to start getting into the minute details on how many of what I’m going to need (boards, nails, etc.), and I’ve even been pricing out nail guns (because that will make the build go so much faster, and I know how to use one!)

I’ll definitely keep you posted on if/when this should happen. And yes, I promise there will be many, many pictures. I should, however, make sure the kids aren’t around when it gets inspected:

I believe that’s enough random for today! Let’s move on to the funnies! This cracked me up (especially since I’m counting the days until school starts specifically for Little Dude, whose behavior has been off the charts (not in a good way) all summer long):

This is some sound advice:

Look at this really cool orchid – I’m thinking I need to order some seeds or seedlings and see if I can get them to grow and bloom:

I need this cookie cutter:

I also need this wine glass:

These cracked me up:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome. 



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  1. Heeheehee! Yep, summer break can really take it out of a parent, and there is no such thing as only ten more minutes.

    Yes, you need a she-shed, and i hope you get to build one. Have a fabulous Tuesday!

  2. I love the Mockingbird cat and the “face” cat! I’ve seen those wine glasses (a picture) on facebook. Pretty cool! I am back to work (school) and our kids start Monday.

  3. I can’t play your video – it keeps bringing me back to the blog post (in an endless circle). By the way, that plant you showed is called the dove orchid and it, sadly, has been overpicked in the wild (South America) to the point that it is endangered. Fun fact, it’s scent smells like beer.

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