Tuesday has arrived! The 4-day weekend was confusing at times, we kept getting the days mixed up. Anyone else have that problem? Hope you all had a great 4th of July – we had fun setting off fireworks – seemed to go too fast, though!

I’m running around like a crazy person (or, in my case, crazier), so let’s dive into the funnies, shall we? Here’s a leftover one from the 4th that cracked me up:

This is so true – and reminds me, I better take the school supply list with me when I go shopping tomorrow:

I bet a lot of people can relate to this:

Cat funnies are always fun:

This is hilarious:

I love this:

This totally cracked me up:

Kid funnies:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome. 



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Keeping the random alive (barely) – feel free to snag a badge and play along – one for my wino friends:

Stacy Uncorked

And one for my non-wino friends:

Stacy Uncorked



  1. Lucy was certainly expressive! It’s getting closer to Christmas with every day that passes, instead of it receding further and further into the past, that’s how one person put it.

    And i would almost feel sorry for Dracula, but Count, that’s what you get for having a cat.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer and find everything on the back to school list in one spot!

  2. I can really relate to dracula sleeping on the ground with the cat in the coffin! July 4 was confusing! What day is it now? Have a good week.

  3. Yes! We totally confused days but sometimes that’s kind of nice. I relate to the duck comic; my son is always angling for money for mowing and I’m like, take a second to think about ALL I do for you. Now get out there and mow the damned lawn. 🙂

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